How To Prepare Your Garden For A Violent Storm

Unfortunately, violent storms are bound to happen. Some parts of the US are prone to being hit by hurricanes, some by tornados, some by snow storms, and most by heavy rain storms. And there’s nothing we can do to stop them from happening. Actually, many credible scientific institutions believe the storms are only going to get more violent and that they are going to occur more often, due to the natural cycles. Our landscapes are in immense danger from some of these storms.

Turf and lawn might get flooded, plants and trees might get damaged or even destroyed, and their parts might endanger the objects or the people in the vicinity. And even if our outdoor areas are in the pristine conditions, some damages could still appear as a result of the severe storm. In order to ensure the safety of your garden, plants, objects and people you care about, you need to know how to prepare for a heavy storm. The more you know, the more you can minimize the threat, and the future expenses.

What Can You Do Yourself

Of course, it’s better to call a specialist to help your landscape get ready for a hurricane, or heavy rains. But, there are still some things you could (and should) do yourself. If strong winds are expected, be sure to get inside everything that could be picked and thrown around. Tie or shield the weakest plants and trees located throughout your yard. This is especially important for plants that are positioned in an open area. You can also clean drainage canals and roof gutters, but only do this if you feel completely safe and competent about what you’re doing. In the end, make sure to shut down your irrigation system until the sky clears.

Prepare In Time

It makes sense (considering both being safe and being cost-effective) to call a professional to help before the storm season. Experienced professional landscapers will first make an inspection of the entire property, so they can properly estimate the best way to protect your estate specifically.

They are likely to prune dead parts of trees and other plants, and to cut off the ones that are potentially most hazardous. They will also check the roots of the plants to estimate their health. Landscaping experts can also help cleaning drainage system and roof gutters professionally, so you have one less worry on your mind. At last, the landscape operators can also install a lightning protection, if needed.

Be Smart, Think Ahead

There are also some things you can do now that will have an effect in a couple of years. Consult with the experts on which plants are at less risk of being damaged by storms. Remember, they should also provide you an enjoyable scenery and compliment your entire yard. Plant those trees and shrubs around the garden. Sure, it will take some time for them to grow, but once they do, you’ll have a beautiful greenery which is storm-proofed. Also, planting in groups may be a good idea. This way, you get a cluster of plants, which can resist the storm better than individual plants can.

What To Do After The Storm?

After making sure the heavy storm has really passed, go outside and inspect your yard. Assess the depth of damages, and then decide if you’ll call your landscape operator to get your property back to its normal shape. They can help cleaning your lawn and hardscaping areas from fallen debris, and try to fix any plants that got damaged.