Is Winter the Best Time to Mulch Your Commercial Landscape in Tampa Bay?

Is Winter the Best Time to Install Mulch in Tampa Bay? You probably already know this, but mulch is a vital part of any landscape — especially so in Florida. Think about it —we have weird weather, random bursts of insane moisture-then-drought-then-moisture-again, and wild amounts of weeds that grow in this humid hotbed of a…
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Landscaping and You: Rocks, Mulch, and the Questions You’ve Always Wanted Answered

As an observant person who’s always taking note of a good-looking landscape, it’s probably not a stretch that you’ve noticed in most well-tamed, meticulous, and well-designed lawns and landscapes you can find a touch of rocks or mulch. While it’s safe to say that this kind of landscaping feature certainly makes for a gorgeous aesthetic,…
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