Cut Surprise Costs with Tampa Bay Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Avoid the Surprise – Cut Unexpected Costs with these Tampa Bay Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Services

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of opening a present. Whether it’s Christmas morning or someone special’s birthday, giving and receiving surprises is exceptionally exciting. Even finding some stray fries at the bottom of the takeout bag can put a smile on your face.

Unfortunately, there are also some not-so-great surprises. A busted pipe, budgetary discrepancy, or unexpected expense are wonderful examples of unpleasant presents with which your Tampa Bay commercial property can surprise you.

To avoid the unexpected and the expenses that often accompany it, you’ll want to work with an experienced landscaper to properly maintain your Tampa Bay commercial landscape. By being preemptive with thorough, thoughtful maintenance, you can set your property (and your wallet) up for success.

Here are the top Tampa Bay commercial landscaping maintenance services you need to cut out the unexpected costs of avoidable surprises.

Drainage and Retention

If there’s one thing Florida is known for other than its sunny skies and pristine beaches, it’s storms. From nearly daily storms during the rainy season to profound acts of nature in the form of hurricanes, Florida is no stranger to torrential downfalls.

While the rain is beautiful and plays a vital role in revitalizing your commercial property, your Tampa Bay landscape can be severely damaged by uncontrolled runoff and improper retention. It is of the utmost importance to not only have the drainage and retention infrastructure in place but also to keep it functioning properly. Otherwise, you could be staring at an expensive surprise.


Speaking of water, Tampa Bay has no shortage of dry periods. Florida is just unpredictable like that—one minute it’s flooding, the next you’re begging for rain.

Being prepared for Florida’s inevitable dry seasons by having an efficient irrigation system in place is essential. In addition to working with a professional to install a thoughtful watering system, it is important to maintain the system to ensure it is working efficiently, not wasting water, and delivering much-needed water to the right places. It is especially crucial to do this before dry seasons start.

Tampa Bay commercial landscaping services help you avoid the bigger costs down the road.Preemptive Pruning

It’s easy to stay on top of shrubs and decorative flower beds. After all, they’re at eye level and typically populate highly visible areas of your Tampa Bay commercial landscape. Tree branches, however, are often overlooked. Out of sight, out of mind.

Rather than allowing maintenance of your commercial property’s larger trees to be deferred year after year, be sure to prune preemptively. Not only does this ensure your trees look great and stay healthy, but it can also save you from some serious trouble. Neglected branches have a tendency to fall, potentially causing damage to cars, property, and even people.

Care for the Soil

Commercial landscapes can take a beating. Areas that experience high levels of traffic—by foot or otherwise—are on the receiving end of much of this abuse. The outcome is dead spots, compacted soil, and earth that is in grave need of increased care. Factor in potential pH balance problems, and your commercial property could really suffer, no matter how hard you try to foster a healthy landscape.

The solution is simple—care for the soil. Get the pH levels tested and adjust them accordingly with fertilizer. Consider aerating high-traffic areas and follow that up with overseeding. If you take care of the soil, the soil will take care of you. You’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous commercial landscape in Tampa Bay. No nasty surprises included!


When it comes to commercial properties in Tampa Bay, the unexpected often leads to unwanted expenses. Avoid these surprise costs by thoroughly maintaining your landscape with the help of Landcrafters. With decades of experience in the Tampa Bay area, Landcrafters is a local landscaping expert ready to save you from avoidable unforeseen expenses.

To learn more about proper landscape maintenance services in Tampa Bay, feel free to reach out to us. In the meantime, be sure to visit our blog. It’s updated regularly with fantastic landscaping resources at no cost!