Summertime Tampa Bay Curb Appeal: Your Guide for Tampa Bay Landscaping

Summertime Tampa Bay Curb Appeal: Your Go-To Guide

The first thing someone sees when approaching your Tampa Bay commercial property isn’t the smiling faces of your employees or the tremendous services your business provides; it’s your Tampa Bay landscaping.

It’s up to your commercial property itself to draw people in, make them feel welcome, and create a positive first impression for patrons new and old. In other words, Tampa Bay curb appeal matters—a lot.

This is especially true during the busy seasons, and in Florida, summer is certainly busy. So, how do you elevate your landscape beyond the average and create a Tampa Bay paradise on your commercial property?

While every property and vision is different, the following tips are a fantastic kickstart to revitalizing your commercial property’s summertime curb appeal.

Attract Attention

Before your Tampa Bay landscape can truly wow someone, it must attract their attention in the first place. Part of captivating the gaze and drawing passersby in is ensuring that your signage is eye-catching and visually appealing. After all, your signage and property entrances are representative of you and your business.

Be sure to add colorful natural elements to your display in the form of seasonal flowers. This vibrancy draws the eye in and gives you an opportunity to make a more profound impression. Lighting is also essential—you want to ensure that your signage and entrances are well-lit. Nailing these elements will attract attention and entice new and current clients alike.

Flowers are Your Friends

There’s a reason flowers are a universal symbol of love. People have a natural attraction to and appreciation for flowers, making them a must-have in a commercial landscape.

Including some common floral staples is always a good idea, but it’s important to think bigger than basic blooms. Florida is home to vibrant, unique flowers, so be sure to incorporate some alternatives that really say “Tampa Bay.”

As you plan your floral arrangements, remember to focus on the areas that are seen and visited most often. Not only does this maximize the impact of your colorful landscape additions, but it also makes the most of your budget.

Tampa bay curb appeal happens with plenty of flowersInfrastructure is Important

The glitz and glamor of beautiful blooms may steal the show, but infrastructure is key to unlocking the full potential of your Tampa Bay landscape. Elements like walkways, lighting, and drainage are all essential to not only the appearance of your property but also its functionality.

Make sure that all public areas are safely lit, pavers are not askew, and drainage is directing runoff to the proper places. Putting proper infrastructure on these important aspects of infrastructure will only enhance the other visual changes you make to your property, creating a true win-win scenario where form and function come together in harmony.

Love Your Lawn

Florida is known for its gorgeous green lawns, and if your landscape doesn’t live up to that reputation, people will notice. Fostering a healthy turf is vital to maintaining great curb appeal, so don’t let this seemingly minor aspect of your Tampa Bay property fall to the wayside.

Of course, loving your lawn goes beyond ensuring it stays green and is free of unsightly patches. True lawn love means thorough weed control, investing in effective irrigation, and even pH testing. A professional landscaper will go above and beyond to make sure your lawn is a highlight, not a liability. They will consider all of the details down to the pattern in which they mow, ensuring your turf is terrific.

Keep it Clean

No matter how wonderful your Tampa Bay landscaping is, a lack of maintenance can spell disaster for curb appeal. Unfortunately, trash, fallen limbs, and so forth can accumulate quickly. As such, it’s important to stay on top of maintenance and frequently allocate resources and time to making your commercial property look pristine.


Whether your commercial landscape in Tampa Bay is due for a refresh or you’re starting from scratch, working with an experienced professional landscaper is key to unlocking the full curb appeal potential of your property. Landcrafters have been creating stellar commercial landscapes in Tampa Bay for over 20 years, making them uniquely suited to propel your property into the upper echelons of curb appeal.

For more information or to discuss your commercial landscape specifically, feel free to reach out to us. You can also peruse our blog in your free time. It is packed with valuable Tampa bay landscaping tips and tricks that we have accumulated over our two decades of professionalism in the industry—all for free!