Tampa Bay Landscaping Maintenance Plans from Landcrafters

Tampa Bay is home to some of the most stunning commercial and residential landscapes in the country. Florida’s temperate year-round climate lends itself to 12 months of pristine properties, giving businesses, residents, and visitors wonderful experiences time after time.

Beautiful landscapes don’t pop up overnight, even in the Sunshine State. They take planning, strategy, and thorough, consistent maintenance. In other words, it takes a lot of hard work and expertise to create an eye-catching Tampa Bay landscape that endures through every season.

Landcrafters is your friendly Tampa Bay professional landscaper that helps you unlock the full potential of your property and maintain a consistently high standard. We do this in a number of ways, from our unique company culture to our special fine-gardening touch. Among the most important aspects of our comprehensive landscaping service are our main maintenance plans.

We offer two main maintenance plans—a 42-week and a 51-week—to ensure your Tampa Bay landscaping maintenance plans and property exceeds your expectations. These plans are essential to the success of your landscape and help differentiate Landcrafters from other landscapers in the Tampa Bay area. Read on to learn more about our two primary plans.

The Importance of Tampa Bay Landscaping Maintenance Plans

Strategizing and implementing a well-thought plan is integral to kickstarting your dream landscape. However, a regular and reliable maintenance plan is where you will see the most benefits and progress. Making something pretty is easy; keeping it that way is a tremendous challenge.

That’s why Landcrafters takes year-round maintenance, protection, and assistance so seriously. We offer our commercial and residential customers two primary maintenance plans designed to help your landscape thrive all year. While we offer custom plans based on your needs, we encourage yearly plans. They act as the foundation your landscape needs to build something truly magical.

Seeing is Believing

One of the best parts of a regular maintenance plan for your Tampa Bay landscape is the ability to watch it transform before your very eyes. They say seeing is believing, and once you see the results of Landcrafters’ maintenance plans, you’ll believe in the process and the value it creates.

Consistency is essential to a landscape thriving and changing for the better. Your property is a substantial investment, and the healthier and more aesthetic it is, the better protected that investment is. Our maintenance plans give you visual confirmation that yours is flourishing.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

No two landscapes are the same. The vision you have is sure to vary from your neighbors, as are natural resources, financial factors, and more. Our maintenance plans are designed to give your property the attention it deserves so it can reach its full potential—no matter what that looks like.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to landscaping. Our plans grant us the flexibility to work with you and meet your specific needs. For example, we can change the scope of your work should your needs or your budget change. By scaling your service to fit your property and your priorities, we can ensure that both stay healthy and happy.

Consistency is Everything

The beauty (and difficulty) of landscaping is that things are always growing and changing. Without regularity, things can quickly spiral out of control—especially in Florida where rain, drought, and heat are all factors. If you want your landscape to be at its best year-round, a proper maintenance plan is a must.

This is true of the appearance of your Tampa Bay landscaping, where overgrowth, dry patches, unsightly hedges, and unkempt features can all have a significant negative impact on how your property looks and how people perceive it. If you want to make a good impression and give people a pleasant experience when on your property, maintenance cannot be put off.

Equally as important as the aesthetic side of landscaping is the safety concerns that can arise on unmaintained properties. From compromised branches that could fall and cause injury and damage to cracked walkways, identifying and correcting issues before they become problems is one of the overlooked advantages of regular maintenance. It’s better to correct concerns before they become serious than to scramble to deal with the fallout!

In short, our Tampa Bay landscaping maintenance plans allow us to keep an uncompromising standard of excellence by spreading our services over the course of a year and allocating our time appropriately for the good of your Tampa Bay landscape.

Maintenance is Budget-Friendly

Committing to a maintenance plan may seem like a big deal. We understand that the financial side of the decision can be a factor in which plan you opt for—or if you choose not to spend on regular maintenance at all. However, investing in a Landcrafters main maintenance plan can be a phenomenal financial decision in the long run.

Not only can deferring maintenance lead to appearance and safety concerns, but it can cause expenses to compound. Take your irrigation system as an example. With regular maintenance, any potential problems can be identified early and addressed before it progresses. Without consistent evaluation and maintenance, that problem could worsen, eventually leading to increased water bills, significant irrigation system issues, and hefty repair bills.

An Overview of Landcrafters’ Two Main Maintenance Plans

With the benefits above (and others that we’re happy to share) in mind, let’s jump into a brief overview of the two primary maintenance plans we offer to our commercial and residential landscaping customers in Tampa Bay. The differences may seem subtle, but the impact they can have on your property is profound.

42-Week Plan

The crux of our 42-week plan is weekly visits during the growing season (summer) and a switch to bi-weekly visits during the dormant season (November until April 1). This is our most common package because it strikes a balance between year-round consistency and being budget-minded.

One of the primary benefits of this plan is the slowdown it factors in for the winter season. When the temperature of the soil drops below 69 degrees on a consistent basis, it goes dormant. Bi-weekly visits are typically enough to keep your landscape in its best shape during this time.

51-Week Plan

This is the plan we tend to recommend to our customers because it’s a little more thorough than the 42-week alternative. With this plan, our teams visit your property every week aside from Christmas and New Year’s.

While our 51-week plan can benefit any property looking for a more detail-oriented approach, it tends to be more common among residential customers searching for constant care and a finer touch. From topiary and plant care to fine gardening and thorough weeding, the advantages of this plan are well worth it for many of our Tampa Bay landscaping clients.


Regular maintenance is one of (if not the) most important contributing factors to reaching and retaining your ideal landscape. If you would like to learn more about our main maintenance plans or custom plans, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll gladly answer your questions and discuss how regular maintenance can benefit your Tampa Bay property.

Our blog is also a wonderful resource for all your landscaping interests. It’s where we share tips, tricks, and our 20+ years of landscaping expertise. It’s updated regularly and available to you for free. We hope you enjoy it and learn a little something along the way!