The Best Trees for Privacy in Tampa Ba

The Best Trees for Privacy in Tampa Bay

You may have the best neighbors on the planet, but the fact remains that a little privacy goes a long way. In Florida, that privacy can be hard to come by. With very few natural features to create buffers between you and the house or business next door, Floridians are left to fend for themselves.

Certain types of fencing can give block sightlines and give you the privacy you crave but let us be honest—fences do not always fit the vision for a property and can come across as obtrusive, confining, or downright ugly. That is why we typically recommend clever landscaping to grant you the privacy you want without interrupting the beautiful Florida environment around you.

Trees can form the barrier you need to have the privacy you desire without the need for fences. As a natural element, they tend to enhance the landscape rather than detract and distract from it. While the gratification may not be instant as it is with fences, the long-term reward is well worth the wait, especially if you choose fast-growing trees. So, here it is without any more delay–a list of the best trees for privacy in Tampa Bay.

Tree Traits to Target

When it comes to implementing trees as a privacy wall, not just any tree will do. If a tree is too tall, lacks enough foliage, or is otherwise incapable of blocking the necessary sightlines, it will fail to serve its intended purpose.

As such, you must be intentional when selecting privacy trees. Target tree traits that make certain varieties better suited for the job at hand, including trees that grow quickly, generate plenty of year-round cover, and fit the landscaping your property already sports.

You must also consider the proximity of these privacy trees to structures or high-traffic areas. Many shrubs and trees that meet the standards above will feature weaknesses that make them more likely to break. While this risk can be mitigated through consistent pruning and proper care, it is something to be aware of when opting for privacy via tree.

The Best Trees for Your Privacy

Florida may not have many natural features to aid in the creation of privacy, but its unique environment more than makes up for this shortcoming. Thanks to the climate, there is a multitude of trees that thrive in Florida, giving you plenty of options when building your plant-based privacy wall.

While the success of these options will vary based on your location in Florida, most Floridians can expect the plants below to excel.

Leyland Cypress

Exceptionally popular through the state, Leyland Cypress is a fast-growing tree that can reach heights of 50 feet and widths of 25 feet. In other words, these are big trees that are ideal for landscapes that require significant coverage and have the space to support such massive species.

These trees are beautiful thanks to their evergreen foliage that carries a blue-green hue. The Leyland Cypress is also quite drought-tolerant, making it Florida-friendly even in seasons where rain is not frequent.


For a low-maintenance shrub that can grow quite large (20 feet wide), there are few choices better than the Arborvitae. It grows naturally in a teardrop shape, which means that it requires very limited trimming to remain attractive as it develops.

The color and texture of this privacy plant can create a pleasing contrast as it rises from the yard thanks to its soft foliage and rich, deep green shading.

Palm Trees

We know what you are thinking, and no, we are not talking about the tall, skinny palm trees that saturate every Hollywood rendition of a beach. Instead, we are talking about palm tree variants like the Lady Palm and Everglades Palm.

These palm trees, and others like them, have many trunks and dense foliage, making them ideal for properties that want to capture that quintessential Florida vibe while also establishing and retaining privacy.

Willow Hybrid

If you are looking for a fast-growing tree that will burgeon into a lush, ultra-effective privacy screen within the span of a few years, the Willow Hybrid might be right for you. Better still, these trees can easily reach heights between 50 and 75 feet, granting you far more coverage than a fence ever could.

These trees are also low-maintenance, giving you the peace of mind you need to live in comfort behind your living privacy fence.

The best trees for privacy in tampa bay will vary. But this list can help.

We have only scratched the surface of the potential plants that could be effectively used to give your property the privacy you crave. For more options, including customized suggestions tailored to fit your property and needs, reach out to Landcrafters. With over 20 years of serving Floridians, Landcrafters is sure to have the perfect privacy plant for you.

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