Creating an Oasis: The Best Tropical Leaves for Clearwater Beach Landscape

Creating a Landscape Oasis: The Best Tropical Leaves for a Clearwater Beach Landscape

Florida has a reputation for being a vacation wonderland. From the theme parks to the beaches, everything about Florida screams relaxation and good vibes. Sunshine is never in short supply, the ocean is a steady source of smiles, and that soft sand between your toes will leave you craving more.

So, how do you bring the tropical vacation environment to your home or business? With expert Clearwater Beach landscape resources, of course!

We’re not suggesting you should buy a truckful of sand and dump it in your backyard (though you could). Instead, we’re talking about adding tropical plants, especially leafy ones, to your property. After all, nothing says tropical paradise like a green space full of leafy landscaping.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite leafy tropical plants to add to your landscape. Select a few of these, and you’ll be enjoying vacation vibes in no time.

How should you create a Clearwater beach landscape oasis? With fun, tropical flora and lots of maintenance.

Bird of Paradise

When building the ultimate landscape oasis, why not start with a plant that has the word “paradise” in its name?

Birds of paradise are unmistakable thanks to their broad, lush leaves. They are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them a fantastic option for keeping the paradise flowing throughout your property.

Best of all, they thrive in Florida’s climate, so you will have little issue adorning your landscape with these beautiful plants.

Chinese Evergreen

Your tropical paradise will undoubtedly feature its fair share of greens. Mixing it up with some pops of other colors—reds and pinks, for example—can add additional flavor to the palate.

These lovely plants sport green and pinkish-red leaves that are easy to identify and sure to spice up any tropical landscape oasis. While they are easy to care for, they are toxic to animals, so keep that in mind if you have pets.

Plumeria Leaf

For the best of both worlds, the plumeria leaf is hard to beat. This plant features large, leathery leaves (up to 20 inches long!) and bountiful blooms. In other words, they will add color and texture to your landscape, giving it diversity and intrigue that will elevate your property to paradisical levels.

The plumeria leaf is also quite hardy, making it a durable addition to your landscape.

Royal Fern

If you want a year-round tropical paradise, the royal fern should be included in your landscape plans. After all, what’s more royal than relaxing in your own oasis?

Royal ferns thrive in partial shade with wet soil, making them a great plant to grace shaded areas of your Florida property. However, they are highly adaptable, meaning they can be used just about anywhere if they are properly cared for.

With a normal growth of only two to three inches, royal ferns make excellent ground cover and space filler, adding a lush carpet of green and excellent texture to enhance your landscape.

Japanese Aralia

With small flowers, blackberries, and leaves that can stretch 16-inches wide, the Japanese aralia is renowned for its rich, dark green coloring. The leaves are also known for having a glossy appearance and texture, making them a unique inclusion in any landscape oasis.

A Clearwater beach landscape oasis starts with the right plants and palms.

Creating your own landscape oasis doesn’t have to be a fairytale. With the help of Landcrafters, your wildest paradisical property dreams can come true. Landcrafters have over 20 years of experience aiding commercial and residential properties in reaching their full potential. With the expertise to provide a personalized plan for your specific landscaping needs, your paradise is only a phone call away, so contact Landcrafters today.

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