The Most Neglected Areas of Your Commercial Landscape (And How We Can Help)

The Most Neglected Areas of Your Commercial Landscape (And How We Can Help)

Landscaping is a lot of work, especially on commercial properties. From maintaining a pristine aesthetic to designing and implementing eye-catching designs, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the exciting big-ticket items and the inescapable routine maintenance.

It’s fair to say that the details can often be overlooked due to the hustle and bustle associated with routine work and larger changes. Unfortunately, this means some areas of your commercial property landscaping become neglected and standout—in a bad way—from the rest.

Ask any business if the details matter and they will tell you yes. As such, it’s vital that you stop overlooking the neglected parts of your property and start treating them with the importance they inherently carry! To help you pinpoint the problem areas, we’ve put together a guide to the most commonly neglected parts of a commercial landscape.

Read on to improve your property’s aesthetics and increase its value even farther!

Paved Surfaces

Because of their rather mundane and purely functional purpose, it can be easy to overlook the paved surfaces on your commercial property. From asphalt parking lots to cement sidewalks and everything in-between, the paved surfaces on your property deserve proper attention and maintenance to avoid becoming a neglected area.

Weeds that sprout through the cracks in such surfaces are a very common sign of neglect and can create unsightly paved areas. Visitors to your property will notice these details, and they do not reflect well on your business.

Paved surfaces can also present dangers for unassuming guests. Because soil settles—or because your surfaces were installed incorrectly—gaps can form between the paved areas and the lawn. Not only is this a tripping hazard, but it is not aesthetically pleasing!

Dirty Secrets

Every commercial property has necessary areas that they would rather keep hidden. Dumpsters and utility boxes are two obvious examples, but any number of such unsightly items can exist on a property. Because they are necessary evils, they must be hidden behind enclosures or other landscaping features that are well-maintained.

Should such areas not be maintained properly, they could attract animals, become home to ugly debris, and be a hazard—visually and otherwise—to guests that visit your property. So, don’t overlook these common areas of neglect!

A large swatch of ornamental grass is shown in this Tampa Bay landscape.

Neighbors and Beyond

While neighboring properties and other areas viewable from your location are not technically your responsibility, strategic planning and proper upkeep can help reduce unwanted eyesores. Visitors don’t want to be bombarded with unpleasant or unmaintained sightlines, making this one area of your commercial property landscaping that you don’t want to neglect!

The Windows to the Soul

Your property’s entryways are kind of like its eyes. Okay, maybe this comparison didn’t work out quite how we planned, but the fact remains that your entries matter and if they’re neglected, guests will notice.

Because entrances are one of the first things visitors to your property see, and because they’re unavoidable, keeping them properly maintained is essential. An unkempt entryway speaks volumes about your business, its professionalism, and the level of care given to the details. You don’t want a guest’s first impression of your commercial property to be a poor one, so keep those entryways fresh!

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Commercial landscaping is no small task. There is an abundance of maintenance needs at every turn, upgrades to be made, and problems to fix. Despite the monumental nature of caring for a commercial property’s landscaping, there is no excuse for letting certain areas become neglected—no matter how easy they are to overlook!

Working with professional commercial landscaping management is one of the best ways to assure your property doesn’t suffer from the mistakes mentioned here. Landcrafters has been helping businesses in Florida put their best landscaping foot forward for over 20 years. Their expertise and commitment to excellence make them one of the best in the landscaping game, and they’d be happy to share both with you.

If you have questions or want to talk to a commercial landscape professional about your property’s needs, please feel free to contact us via our website or by phone at (727)-201-3947. We’d love to hear from you!