Landscape Amenities to Consider for a Corporate Campus

We know what you might be thinking – “it’s a lawn (or a commercial campus, or a flower bed, or whatever else it may be), how hard could it be to design something pretty and manage it?

We’re not trying to undermine your personal capabilities whatsoever, but if you’ve never worked in landscape design or management, it’s likely a more difficult and trying proficiency than you might realize. For example, crafting and maintaining a beautiful, well-designed, and efficient landscape takes knowledge in more than just what grows well here or what looks good there – you need a grasp on numerous fields of study like horticulture, soil biology, engineering, and even artistic design. Those few things are just a drop in the bucket too, friends, landscaping requires the merging of several different professions, insane attention to detail, and knowledge that you wouldn’t believe.

Not everyone has the time, money, or even will to dedicate themselves toward these things, which, makes sense, and as professional landscapers, we’re not upset, we love to help out! If everyone had the time and know-how we did, we might be out of a job. Regardless, people will always want gorgeous, well-designed landscape that’s efficient and easily maintained, and that’s when it’s our time to shine.

If you’re still wondering about the benefits that go along with paying the professional rates for esteemed landscapers like ourselves, we’re here to help. Check out a few of our favorite reasons for why we believe it can be helpful, prudent, and important to hire professional landscapers for your property.

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Expertise and Knowledge

This is, in our humble opinion, one of the best reasons to work with professional landscapers for your yard, commercial campus, or residential area. Not only have most landscapers been practicing their skills for years, they’re likely to be incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to soil type, what will grow best where you are, the types of foliage and fauna that will get you the look you want, and what type of design will complement your property best.

A professional is going to know all of the secrets, negatives, benefits, and nuggets of information that you simply won’t – they have years of experience, dozens of courses, and likely plenty of certifications under their belt that make them the most ideal candidate for your landscaping needs. From horticulture to soil science to engineering the right kind of design for your property, a professional landscaper is going to have the experience and know-how to get it done and get it done right.

A Solid, Dependable Plan

Working with a professional landscaper or landscaping company will also afford you the opportunity to work off a solid and dependable plan. Even if you have a general idea of what you want, have drawn it out, and know what you’d hope it will look like, a professional is going to be able to take you step-by-step on what it will take to get your lawn looking the way you’d like it.

With a professional, you’re likely going to be able to work with software that can help you identify what your finished project will look like before you even begin, allowing you and your landscaper to work off a concrete, dependable plan to get your lawn from Point A to Point B as seamlessly as possible.  A professional can take you through the entire process, mitigate issues, and get you as close to your finished product as possible.

Additionally, your landscaper will be practiced in idea generation. This is likely due to their training, but also because of the innate quality of the kind of person who chose a career in landscaping. Your landscaper is likely able and willing to help you build off your own ideas, create new ones, and bring things to the table you’d never before considered.

Well Designed Energy Usage

This is incredibly important. When you’re designing your lawn or landscape, you might have most of the details down, but it’s possible that you either haven’t considered or don’t completely grasp the energy usage issue. Maybe you know what plants will grow best where you are, maybe you understand the maintenance levels and are prepared to deal with them, you might even have developed your very own concrete, nearly-professional plan to keep your landscape design on track. But have you considered energy usage?

When it comes to lawns and landscapes these days, there are plenty of easy tips and tricks that your landscapers will surely know that can help you not only cut down on water usage, but also keep your home cooler or warmer, cutting down on energy costs during the peak of your seasons. For example, a well-placed tree can have an incredible impact on the way your home keeps cool in the summer (which means an even bigger impact on your wallet!) The latest irrigation systems can also help you keep a sharp eye on your water usage and costs, all of which your landscaper will be knowledgeable on and can help guide you to the right choice.

Lower Maintenance (or a Lawncare Hookup!)

Landscape designers and professionals can help you create a beautiful, functional lawn that’s the envy of all who gaze upon it, but they can also help you create a landscape that requires low maintenance (if that’s what you so desire). With a knowledge for what works best with the least amount of attention, what you won’t have to work at to grow, and which plants can survive a less-than-green-thumb owner, your professional landscaper can help you craft the most appropriate and least-attention-seeking lawn around.

However, if you do want to build up a landscape that requires more attention than you’re willing to give it, often, professional landscape companies will either have a maintenance department or be in the loop with the best landscape maintenance folks in the game – giving you an automatic win no matter what you decide on!


Project Management

Believe it or not, having someone on your employ to manage a landscaping project who is professional and experienced goes a very long way. Consider this: You’re 15 days deep into your project and it’s going better than you ever could have dreamed. You’re built everything around a central garden or a water feature or something acting as a focal point. Suddenly, something unknown pops up in your lawn process that ruins your strategic planning. Having a designer close at hand who understands idea generation, fixing issues, and creating new solutions is going to be a huge proponent to keeping your plan on track.


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