Top 2018 Trends for Your Commercial Space: From Landscaping to Maintenance, We’ve Got You Covered

We’re a few months into 2018, so you might be thinking to yourself, isn’t this article coming a bit late? Truthfully, for as swiftly and continuously as maintenance and landscaping trends change, a month-by-month update is probably more in order than a year-by-year article, so rest assured we’re keeping the most relevant trends, fads, and inspirations in mind as we write out this article.

As landscaping professionals who have been in the business for over two decades, we know a thing or two about staying in-the-know about the latest and greatest trends, so when it comes to what’s hot and what’s not, you better believe we’ve got you covered.

From place making to sustainable options to irrigation technology, we know what’s what in the newest landscaping and lawncare maintenance. Check out just a few of our favorite 2018 trends for your commercial space here!

Native Plants

This is less of a hot-and-heavy trend and more of a never-goes-out-of-style thing, which, we suppose in its own right, makes it a trend worth noting – especially since native plants are more popular than ever. Unlike non-native plants, the native plants are going to be hardier, durable, tougher options that are less likely to be infested with diseases and pests. Even better, they require less care and tend to grow their best in their native areas. Non-native plants, though beautiful and unique options, typically will require a little more TLC.

What’s even better about native plants is that they give an accurate atmospheric portrayal of your native area. The Bay area is a true Floridian, tropical paradise, and many of the native plants reflect that. Having these featured in your commercial landscape shows just how proud of your area your business truly is, and that’s always a positive for locals. Implementing native plants can also help to mitigate the risks of invasive and exotic plant species creeping into your environment.

For a few suggestions for Florida friendly trees and shrubs (most of which are native plant recommendations) take a look at our past blog post, here.

For more ideas, rifle through our e-book of beautiful Florida plants that will work best in your commercial space!


New, Technologically Advanced Irrigation

You’re probably thinking something along the lines of “it’s just watering plants, how hard could it be?” We don’t blame you. Irrigation, for those who aren’t particularly in the landscaping loop, probably seems like the least complicated part of implementing and managing a beautiful commercial landscape, right?

With all due respect, this simply isn’t true. Irrigation is more than just hand-watering now, especially if you have a large commercial space. There are plenty of smart irrigation options on the market now that can not only enhance your landscapes health and beauty but also do something wonderful for the environment. New irrigation tools are emerging every day – many with timers, weather settings, GPS, and season-specific options. In other words, smart irrigation is the way of the future, and it’s becoming more and more popular with each passing day. It might be time to start considering how your irrigation is affecting your landscaping and how you could potentially improve your water systems to better your property.


Spicing Up Your Parking Lot

It’s a small add-on, but in our opinion, this latest trend is adding huge impact to Florida commercial properties everywhere. The issue many establishments face is a lack of green space and a heavy supply of asphalt and parking lot, which, understandably doesn’t make for ideal planting locations and conditions.

But pavement is pretty boring, right? One of the latest trends in landscaping is adding durable, tough, and beautiful shrubs and trees to pavement. This helps to make your paved area a little more aesthetically pleasing, play an important role in soil erosion prevention, and even help reduce storm water draining issues.

That being said, there aren’t too many trees that are durable enough to face the perils of parking lot life. Luckily, we’ve crafted a list of ideal trees and shrubs that can face these issues without a problem, check them out here.

Large Potted Plants

It’s time to make an impact in your commercial landscape, but you don’t need rolling green space and tons of garden area to do it with this new trend. One of the hottest commercial landscape trends of 2018 is adding in large – and we’re talking supersize, here – potted plants to your property.

But why is this so popular?

Large potted plants and trees make an enormous impact, draw in the eyes of everyone who glances their way, and don’t require much maintenance at all (which, we think you’ll love). Potted plants need a little TLC to avoid problems like soggy bottoms and underwatering, but for the most part, adding in big trees in planters or large, flowering shrubs in pots near your entrances or signage can do wonders for your commercial landscape.


Sustainable Landscape is All the Rage

Folks, the world is going green, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Every day, landscapers and commercial landscape owners are taking the necessary steps to make our landscaping practices and styles more sustainable, making this one of our favorite, and most earth-friendly trends of 2018 (and one we hope continues on forever).

From recycling clippings to updating grass cutting methods to using machinery and equipment that’s more environmentally friendly, this is one trend we know we’ll always get behind. Check out more of our environmentally-friendly and sustainable trends and ideas here – hopefully you’ll want to implement some of them into your property and maintenance routines.


Rotating Plants to Match the Season

Who knew that cost-effective-options could be all the rage? We did, of course.

While we don’t necessarily label this as skimping on price, the fact of the matter is, the trend of reimaging your landscape every season is going to be pretty lovely on your budget. More than that, though, it can help to keep your landscape fresh, exciting, and unique, all while drawing in new eyes every single day.

This trend, seasonally rotating your flowers and transplanting seasonal flowers can help you to save money (you won’t have to buy new, young plants every season), keep your flower beds happy and healthy, and ensure that you’re always keeping your landscape looking fresh and fabulous. Here are a few tips for transplanting and revamping your plants and flowers seasonally.


Did you enjoy our 2018 trend article? We hope so! Like we said, landscaping and maintenance trends are always changing and updating, so we make our best efforts to change and update with it. For more information about how we can help you get your commercial landscape space updated, give our offices a call at (727)-201-3947For more ideas, inspirations, and advice, check out our Landcrafters’ blog – we update it weekly with new tips and tricks! Enjoy!