The Top 5 No-Go’s for Revamping Your Commercial Landscape

No matter what sort of industry you’re in, it goes without saying that you want your commercial landscape to look professional, well-strategized, and to make a perfect first impression. Utilizing professional landscaping services can make all the difference in the world for your commercial property, and not just when it comes to creating the perfect look for your lawn.

As a business owner, property manager, or dedicated employee, you know that the market in Southwest Florida is competitive, and finding the edge you need, no matter what department that edge might be, is always more than beneficial.

Using landscaping services to help reposition your commercial property can do wonders for your company! Making the plunge and deciding to revamp, renew, and refresh your company’s outdoor area can be just the push your business needs. Say goodbye to dull, haphazard landscaping and say hello to fresh, beautiful, refreshing, and vivid lawns for your outdoor environment.

Seems easy enough, right?

With professional help–like yours truly–you better believe it.

Without the proper care, professionalism, and know-how, well, it’s quite possible that you might fall victim to a few of the most major mistakes people make when revamping their property’s landscape.

We’ve put together a list of our most commonly seen mistakes in order to help you avoid any trials and tribulations during your commercial property landscaping repositioning.

Check them out below!

Common Mistake #1: Ignoring What the People Want

This is a huge mistake that commercial property owners tend to fall into. You want to make sure you’re balancing affordability with things like practicality, safety, and of course, that well-sought-out wow-factor. But how do you keep all these things in check? How do you make sure the balance in place?

We suggest talking with your visitors, staff, tenants, and customers to get a feel for what’s most important to each person. Do you have an overwhelming majority who’d like to see bright pops of color planted around your property? Do people feel that they’d best benefit from a beautiful, calming water feature? How about the people who want tall, beautiful hedges planted around the building for more privacy and better safety measures?

Talking to your team, and those who frequently visit your property will help you best decide what factors to place your top priorities when it comes to reorganizing your property and refreshing your landscape.

Common Mistake #2: Focusing Just on the Cosmetics

This issue often goes hand-in-hand with what we first discussed, which was not entirely understanding your priorities. It’s a blast to run through all the beautiful, vibrant, and eye-catching cosmetic changes you could make to your commercial property’s landscape. In fact, you’ve probably thought about all of the fun, colorful, plants you could dot along the sidewalk, and you may have even considered adding in a gorgeous babbling brook running through a small garden on your lawn.

Don’t get us wrong, all of these ideas are great, and we encourage you to consider cosmetic changes that you’re interested in.

But, we don’t suggest neglecting important, crucial things like structural or functional updates that might be more of a priority for your lawn reconstruction.

In other words, it has to be about more than just the fall colors, or the well-strategized aesthetic designs.

Before you begin planning all the gorgeous, exciting, and new cosmetic changes you could be making, ask yourself, “what structural updates do I need to address right away?” or “is there a functional problem on my landscape that I can’t avoid any longer?”

Once you begin asking and answering questions like these, you’ll be on the right track to organizing your priorities and getting your landscape revitalization going.

Common Mistake #3: Not Planning for How the Final Result Will Look

It’s so easy to get caught up in the planning, organizing, and dissection of each and every detail of your lawn reconstruction that you entirely forget about the big picture.

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not planning for how the end result is supposed to look, or worse, continuing on with your plan without fully understanding what your final result will be.

Oftentimes, people will willingly participate in a lot of guesswork when it comes to changing up their landscape. The reality? You don’t have to do this.

Working with professionals – like our team at Landcrafters Florida – allows you the luxury and convenience of using innovative software to give you an exact picture of what your final result should be and to be fully aware of where you’re headed before you even begin.

With up-to-date 3D design, walk-through capabilities, and blueprint technologies that you wouldn’t believe, we can give you the full vision of what your end result should look like.

Common Mistake #4: Forgetting about Safety

We know it might not seem like safety is a huge issue when it comes to revamping your landscaping on your property, but that’s where people tend to make the biggest mistakes. Not fully following us? That’s okay, we’ve got some professional considerations for your checklist.

Take a look at the plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers you’re hoping to plant on your lawn. How quickly do they grow and how often will you have to handle maintenance? Will slipping up on your maintenance schedule result in wild, tall plants and trees that obscure vision? Are you planting your new shrubs or bushes in a spot that will obscure a driver’s vision or endanger pedestrians who are walking through the campus?

Consider the water and light features you’re hoping to include in your landscape, too. Does your installation plan lead you toward poor maintenance, bad drainage, or leave your property at risk for mold and erosion? Is it possible that your implementations now will cause you much more time and expense in the future?

Make sure you’re always considering the safety of your team, the integrity of your landscape, and the overall well-being of your establishment before you implement any new aspects into your property.

Common Mistake #5: Forgetting all About ROI

You want to make changes to your company’s landscape that are positive, refreshing, and eye-catching, but when it comes down to it, you’re still a business, and you can’t afford to forget it.

By that, we mean that it can’t just be about cosmetic changes. You have to look at the financial picture and keep that in perspective when making your plans, orchestrating changes, and refreshing your lawn.

Often, people will forget to take the return on investment into account when they’re repositioning their company’s lawn. While it might be lovely to add to fresh beds of bright, Florida flowers, it’s important that adding in that bed meets a specific need. For example, does that bed of bright Florida flowers replace a dated, badly-maintained shrub section and provide a more modern landscaping feel to your business? Perfect.

In the end, it’s all about thinking before you spend and ensuring that you’re providing your company’s landscape with an investment that makes sense and won’t frivolously dispose of money you shouldn’t be spending.

Are you interested in learning even more tips and tricks from the pros? Want to get the best results on your landscape revitalization? Check out the Landcrafters website or give us a call at (727)-446-2598. We can’t wait to hear from you, offer insight, and get your lawn looking better than ever!