Why Landcrafters Splits Pruning and Mowing Services

There are few things more satisfying than strolling about a pristine Tampa Bay landscape as you soak up the sunshine, bask in the breeze off the bay, and immerse yourself in Florida’s sights and sounds. Perhaps we’re a bit biased—we are professional landscapers, after all—but those things go together better than peanut butter and jelly.

For the casual enjoyer of a luscious Tampa Bay commercial property, it can be easy to overlook the massive amounts of time, effort, and resources that go into creating and maintaining such a magnificent landscape. To us, that’s a compliment—if we do our jobs right, the natural beauty of the Sunshine State shines through.

Even those who own commercial properties in Tampa Bay may not fully grasp the extent of the strategy and work necessary to bring out the best in a landscape. The concepts are simple, with things like pruning and mowing being integral to the health and appearance of a landscape, but the execution of them is another beast entirely.

Divide and Conquer Pruning & Mowing Services – How We Manage Commercial Properties

It’s a common misconception that the work done on commercial properties is completed in one fell swoop. In reality, this is seldom the case, and it is typically better to stagger services over time. The advantages of this approach are many, and some of them might surprise you.

An excellent example of when this model might be utilized is when managing a larger property or more demanding landscape. We implement this strategy intentionally to benefit both our crews and your investment. Read on to learn more about how splitting pruning and mowing services can be advantageous for your Tampa Bay commercial property.

Enhanced Quality Control

There’s no better way to sacrifice quality than trying to do everything at once. When a landscaping crew is overburdened with work, they cannot give every aspect of your commercial property the attention it needs and deserves. The result is subpar work, even when the landscaping team is experienced, skilled, and committed to quality.

By dividing services into multiple visits, we can ensure that every element of the property is receiving the attention it deserves. We want to put our best foot forward by providing you and your property with flawless service. This keeps our relationship healthy, helps us maintain the standard of excellence we swear by, and makes your landscape the best version of itself.

Order of Operations Matter

If all of the tasks to keep your commercial Tampa Bay landscape pristine are performed simultaneously, there is bound to be overlap in some of the services. This may appear to save time, but in reality, it can do quite the opposite.

If you need two of the most essential services performed—pruning and mowing—the correct order of operations is vital. For example, if mowing is completed before pruning, the debris generated by the detailing and pruning processes might be left scattered about the property. Despite the best efforts of our crews, some of the debris may be overlooked.

If, on the other hand, the detailing and pruning are done on one day, and the mowing follows at a later date, the mowing crew can ensure that everything is cleaned up and looking perfect. Think of it as a form of checks and balances—by staggering our crews, we can ensure that nothing is overlooked, not even the small things.

Appropriate Workloads are Important

Most people know what it’s like to be overworked. If there’s too much on your plate, stress levels rise, attention to detail plummets, and the overall quality of life and performance tends to trend downward. The same is true of landscaping—being overloaded prevents our crews from focusing on the task at hand and upholding the quality they’re capable of producing.

Appropriate workloads eliminate the possibility of this becoming an issue. It also reduces the wear and tear on our equipment. Overloading vehicles with excess debris or making multiple trips to complete a job adds up. Splitting services is a more efficient way to allocate work and protect our employees and equipment.

We Can Prioritize

At Landcrafters, we are selective with our clients. We consider every client to be a partner and treat them all as such. Splitting our services allows us to focus on our relationships and prioritize the minute details of your property.

For example, our crew leader is a detail-oriented expert. When we spread our services, she has an opportunity to allocate her expertise where it is needed the most, including specialized pruning and weed management. For properties that demand a high-end touch, this is especially important.

The details are what differentiate an average commercial landscape from a truly astounding one. By giving our experts the chance to prioritize, we set our teams and your Tampa Bay property up for success.

Our Crew Members Can Improve

In an industry with a notably high rate of turnover, Landcrafters has built an employee culture that emphasizes longevity and low turnover. That said, our crews are often composed of seasoned veterans and relative newcomers. By splitting services like pruning and mowing, we can educate and train our team members without throwing them into the deep end or compromising the quality of our work.

In the immediate, this means you receive the exceptional services Landcrafters is known for. Long term, it means that our family of landscapers can continue to expand, grow, and excel. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Fresh Eyes Make All the Difference

In addition to cleaning up anything that the previous crew might miss, having a new crew with fresh eyes can generate new perspectives. The benefits of this are many, including pinpointing areas that need to be revisited, spotting things that could use improvement long-term, and highlighting issues that should be addressed by a future crew.

It’s similar to a process of revision. Your property will go through several rounds of editing and revision, each time growing more refined. The more professional landscapers who work first-hand on your property, the more opportunity for improvement there is. Everyone brings unique perspectives that can benefit your commercial Tampa Bay property.

It Gives Our Fine Gardeners a Clean Canvas

For Tampa Bay landscapes that receive high-end detail services and fine-gardening treatment, it’s vital to give our specialized crews a clean canvas on which to work. By splitting our pruning and mowing services, our gardening crews can enjoy the benefits and deliver their best work consistently. The result is a commercial property that is as near to perfection as humanly possible.


Landcrafters has been helping Tampa Bay commercial properties reach their full potential for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve streamlined our services and developed strategies that work for us and our clients. Splitting services is one of the approaches we implement to ensure our crews stay happy and you receive the highest quality service in the Tampa Bay area.

If you’d like to learn more about how we split and schedule services, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll gladly answer any questions you have and discuss your particular property. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out our blog, where we share our decades of expertise for free!