Why Your Landscape Needs a Fine Gardener

Why Your Clearwater Beach Landscape Needs a Fine Gardener

While your landscaping may look nice and be well-cared for, we want you to take a step back and ask yourself a simple question—is it inspiring?

There is nothing wrong with a clean-cut, simple landscape design. In fact, that is exactly what some properties need. If your landscape does not fall into that category, however, you’ll want it to be a little more exciting.

In other words, don’t accept and maintain a cookie-cutter landscape because it’s easy or it’s what your landscaping company recommends. Instead, give it a little pizazz and allow it to evolve with the seasons, your tastes, or what’s on-trend. Lean into the fact that landscapes are living things that grow and change!

Working with a fine gardener can help your landscape realize its potential and break free from the generic mold that so many properties fall into.

What is a fine gardener, exactly, and how do they differ from landscapers, you might ask?

Read on to find out!

What is a Fine Gardener?

If a landscaper builds the house, a fine gardener is who comes in afterward to put on the finishing touches. They choose the perfect lighting fixtures, paint colors, and furniture to transform that gorgeous house into a beautiful home.

You can think of a fine gardener as the person who pays close attention to the details and elevates a basic landscape into one that makes people say “wow!”

From concerning themselves with the details of flowerbeds to ensuring that your water features are flawless, fine gardeners take the outdoor space of your property and turn them into a key feature rather than a standardized necessity.

In other words, fine gardeners and landscapers work together to complement each other’s strengths and balance each other’s weaknesses. When the two work in harmony, your landscape is sure to thrive.

What Does a Fine Gardener Do?

Truth be told, a fine gardener does more than meets the eye. They are always assessing the landscape and pinpointing positives, areas in need of improvement, and the vast potential your property possesses.

Since that sounds incredibly important but a bit vague, we’ve tried to outline their primary services below. Keep in mind that these are only scratching the surface of what a fine gardener actually brings to your landscape!

Everything Floral

Not only does a fine gardener know the perfect plant to place in the perfect place, but they also have the expertise to identify the health of those plants. This painstaking level of assessment and care is what keeps your landscape as healthy and vibrant as possible.

From basic care—like identifying and removing spent blossoms and pesky weeds—to more advanced care—such as examining a flower to determine what nutrition and fertilizer it needs to perk back up—find gardeners are experts on everything flowered.

You could probably even get their opinion on your floral Hawaiian shirt. It’s worth a try!

Water Features

We’ve all seen it. A once beautiful pond or fountain is now grotesque. It’s full of algae and scum, has a distinct smell to it, and has become a breeding ground for bugs. Yuck!

Fine gardeners not only maintain water features to keep them sparkling by removing debris and cleaning filters but also have the knowledge to restore dirty water features to their former glory.

The Details

Most landscaping companies focus on maintaining your property’s appearance and ensuring the plants are healthy. These are necessary tasks that help your landscape thrive month after month.

However, they don’t necessarily address the finer details.  That’s where fine gardeners make all the difference.

From fine-tuning small shrubs with detailed pruning to adding a bit of seasonal flair to your landscape, fine gardeners notice the small things and transform them into game changers!

Why Your Landscape Needs a Fine Gardener

If you want to take your property to the next level, a fine gardener could be the key to doing so. Better yet, you can find a trusted landscaping company that works with fine gardeners to ensure your landscape receives the best of both worlds.

At Landcrafters, we pride ourselves on giving you and your property the comprehensive care you deserve. From developing the perfect design for your property to ensuring each element is properly cared for, our service is second to none. It’s one of the many reasons we’ve been providing top-tier landscaping for over 20 years.

For more landscaping information, feel free to contact us via our website or by giving us a call at 727-201-3947. You can also check out our free blog that is packed with free tips and tricks!