Why Winter is the Best Time to Prune Your Plants

A lot of people think that the right time to plant or prune most of their Florida’s garden plants is during the late Spring or Summer. And that can’t be further from the truth. Well, for the most plants, at least. Except for some plants (for example the evergreen ones), all the other ones are actually best to prune – during the Winter months.

Why should you prune during the Winter, you ask?

Well, for those plants that shed their leaves before the cold months arrive, the answer is really obvious. Without them, you can much better assess where exactly to cut. But, there are plenty of other reasons, as well. One of the most important ones is that most plants go into the dormant mode during the Winter. This means they will have enough time until the Spring comes to recover, and use the pruning as an “excuse” to grow denser and lusher than before. One other reason is that most of the pests and diseases are also less active during the colder months, which leaves your plants in a smaller risk of getting attacked and damaged.

Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow

Pruning your garden plants during the Winter will help them rejuvenate and become stronger. Not to mention more beautiful. On the other hand, pruning is also used to reduce the size of some plants, or to lead their growth in a direction you want or need. Also, pruning dead parts of plants (especially trees) help you increase the safety of your own landscape.

Obviously, you’ll want to hire professionals if your estate is large in size, if you need to prune tall trees, or if the plants that are dangerously close to the installations or buildings. But, pruning smaller plants in your Florida garden is something you can easily do yourself, if you follow the tips.

Don’t prune plants that show signs of blooming. This is especially the case for some more exotic garden flowers or shrubs that flower very early in the Spring (or even late in the Winter). Pruning these plants will expose them to such a stress – that they probably won’t bloom until the next blooming season. Plus, they’ll be more susceptible to pests and diseases over the next few months.

Don’t Prune Excessively

You’re about to start pruning. But first, disinfect your cutting tools. The tools being dusty is not a problem. But, they can actually transmit diseases from one plant to another, or can damage a plant if there is any dangerous or poisonous chemicals’ residue on the tools.

Most plants won’t be that “mad” if you chop off more than you should. But, when inexperienced people prune – they usually prune excessively. The result? Your plants will look weirdly naked, and probably won’t add to the beauty of your own little green heaven. And, you’ll have to wait for a long time until they fully recover. Better to prune not enough, and then prune some more if you think that’s really necessary when you take a few steps back and objectively assess the situation.

Use these colder months to prepare your garden plants for the next growing season. Remember the tips, stay safe, and, most importantly, have fun pruning your plants.