Choosing a Florida Landscaping Company for Your HOA

Choosing a Florida Landscaping Company for Your HOA

The Do’s & Don’ts of Finding the Perfect Florida Landscaping Company

Choosing a quality landscaper for your own, personal property is enough of a struggle on its own, right? There are so many choices out there. So, when it comes to picking out the perfect HOA or condo association landscape company, we totally understand all the stress you’re dealing with.

Hey, we really do get it, it’s a big decision, you’ve got a lot of (probably relatively particular) people depending on you to make the right choice, and the company you vouch for is going to be a direct reflection of your own personal recommendation.

Yeah, it’s a lot of pressure.

If you’re totally unsure where to start when it comes to picking a landscaping company for your Florida HOA or condo association, we’ve got good news—you can take a big, deep breath, because we’re going to help walk you through some steps that will most likely make your decision a whole lot easier.

Don’t let the daunting task ahead of you wig you out—we’re talkin’ through some dos and don’ts for choosing the perfect landscaping company to fit your unique, HOA needs.


DO: As Much Research as Possible

We’re talkin’ extensive research, you guys.

To start off, abide by this advice—reviews are your friend, people. In our modern society, there are countless places (online and otherwise) for folks to leave their reviews for companies they work with. And while, oftentimes, we advise people to take reviews with a grain of salt (not everyone is as fair as they should be), if you see a landscaping company with consistent, negative reviews, you can probably bet they’re not going to be the most ideal partner for your landscaping needs.

Further, take a good look at a landscaper’s website. Do they have quality photos of their work? Are they proud to share their company philosophy? Do they have a full list of the extensive services they offer on their site? Are they (*hint hint*) sharing educational and helpful blog posts regularly to keep you informed? If they check most of those boxes, they’re probably a good candidate.

DON’T: Be Shy About Sharing What Services You Might Need

You’re looking for a quality company, so be direct about that. It’s important to be firm on what you need and when you need it so they can answer you honestly about how much they can actually provide you. If you end up spelling out a much shorter list of demands than you actually need, you’re setting that company up for failure. So, be transparent and honest about your needs—even if it’s a very long list. You’ll want to hire a company that’s able to tackle everything ASAP.


DO: Be Straight Up About Communication

Talk with your candidates about how they’ll communicate with you and figure out what type of style makes the most sense for your needs. Do you need a company that checks in once weekly? A company that schedules check-ups at your convenience? Do you need a company that calls, communicates via email, or has software that you can invest in? Will your candidates keep you in the loop on everything they do, when they do it? Address these concerns straight away with your candidates.

DON’T: Be Scared to Ask for References

Even if you’re getting great vibes from a particular company, it’s vital that you ask for references. While this might seem a little abrasive or upfront, we’ll be honest, a respected, prepared company is going to have a long list of references they can deliver to you without a problem. Never fear this question.

DO: Have Them Sell Their Services to You

You don’t have to make them do a whole song-and-dance sales pitch but ask them very blatantly what makes them the perfect fit for your business and have them answer it directly. There’s nothing wrong with this question, and in fact, it’s a great way to get a solid feel for whether or not a company is going to be the right fit.

DON’T: Spell Out Every Ordinance For Them Off the Bat

We’re not saying that you should ever try to trick someone, but it’s an important tell in a company if they’re going to ask you thoughtful questions to get the information they need to do their job right. They likely will not know what your HOA’s rules and regulations are off the bat—so let them ask you. And when they do, be sure to share that with them. We’re not sharing you should hold that information hostage and then absolutely cancel out the possibility of a company if they don’t ask for your handbook immediately but be aware of who’s familiar with HOA regulations and who’s going to bring it up in a meeting.

A bright pink bloom can be seen in the Florida landscape, crafted by Landcrafters, an expert lanscaping service in the Florida area.

We’re not here to toot our own horn, but we’ll be honest—we’ve been in the industry for a long time. When it comes to knowing the ropes and diving into specifics for HOA and condo association particularities, we’ve definitely earned our stripes. For us, there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to a landscape—from residential to commercial to HOA-specific—which is why we customize and design our landscaping programs for all of our clients uniquely.

If you’re looking to chat about how Landcrafters can help boost your landscape appeal in your HOA or condo association, reach out to us at (727)-201-3947. Or, feel free to contact us directly through our site right here. No matter what you need—a quote, an answer to a question, a customized solution—we’ve got you covered!