Tampa Commercial Landscape Contract Proposal Stereotypes

Tampa Commercial Landscape Contract Proposal Stereotypes

Tampa Bay is known for its beautiful Gulf location, quintessential Florida landscaping, and resorts that people from all across the globe travel to visit. It’s no surprise that you want your commercial landscape to shine amidst the numerous other properties competing for attention.

To set your commercial landscape up for success, you’ll need to partner with a landscaping company that checks all of your boxes. Sorting through all of your options can be quite the task, though. You’re bound to receive contract proposals from a variety of companies, all trying to woo you in their own way.

Luckily, we have quite a bit of experience in the commercial landscape sphere—over 20 years, to be exact—and have seen just about everything. We know some of the contract proposal stereotypes you’re bound to experience and are here to help you filter through them to find the right company for you!

The High Roller

When flipping through your stack of contract proposals, there’s sure to be at least one bid that seems excessively high. Even though it seems absurd, chances are the outlandish dollar amount will make you pause, even if it’s just for a moment.

The crazy thing is that this strategy sometimes works. You want your property to reach its highest potential. You want it to be the best, and to be the best, it stands to reason that you need to work with the best.

However, price rarely correlates directly with quality, and companies that place so much emphasis on how others perceive them are probably more about appearances than they are substance. Even if their work is the best, these landscape companies are notoriously challenging to form healthy partnerships with.

The Jack of All Trades

We all know someone who seems to know and do a little bit of everything. While this may be helpful around the house, it’s not a great selling point in a commercial landscape proposal. After all, the saying “a jack of all trades, and a master of none” exists for a reason.

Nowadays, specialization means efficiency, professionalism, quality, and safety. A commercial landscape company may make big promises about how they can provide comprehensive care for everything from your plants to your car, but the reality is that they are likely to provide mediocre to average work at best.

The Corner Cutter

Wow, that low bid looks great on paper!

Trust us, when you start looking through your contract proposals, you’re going to find a few lowball offers. It’s possible that all the other proposals are too pricey, and you’re about to get the bargain of a lifetime, but there’s a far more likely explanation.

Lowball offers never deliver on their promises.

Companies that fit into this category, which we’re calling the corner cutter, try to lure you in with surprisingly great prices. Then, they underdeliver. They do this in a number of ways.

They may use lower-quality products, short you a few mows, overlook issues that need attention, do just enough management to make your property pass the visual test, hire employees who are not properly trained, and more.

Worst of all, the temporary savings you may glean from opting for a corner cutter proposal will soon give way to the extraordinary cost associated with fixing the mistakes and neglect that come with lowball contracts.

The Gold Standard

You remember the story of Goldilocks, right? Out of all the options, the one in the middle was just right.

As it turns out, commercial landscape proposals are a bit like that story, only this isn’t a fairytale—you really can have the contract that is just right for you.

Usually, the perfect proposal will be one that is somewhere in the middle—not too high, not too low. It will make reasonable promises and explain how those promises will be met. In other words, the proposal you’re looking for will be one that is honest, straightforward, and doesn’t rely on any form of gimmickry.

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