Essential Landscaping Tips and Trends for Golf Courses

Essential Landscaping Tips and Trends of 2019 for Golf Courses

As professional landscapers in the state of Florida—you know, the haven that golfers absolutely flock to—we like to think we know a thing or two about specialized, Florida landscaping.

We’ve been in the biz for a combined total of 20 year—that’s two decades of knowing a thing or two about Florida’s unique climate, the ever-changing weather, the infamous salt-and-humidity, and of course (a Florida favorite) the golf courses.

If you’re managing a golf course—or own one or help run one—then you already know an incredibly important fact about the industry: Landscaping matters. A lot.

You also know that landscaping golf courses—both from the design aspect and the maintenance aspect—is absolutely nothing like other commercial types of landscaping. As professionals in the golf course landscaping game (that’s the only professional title we’ll ever claim in the golfing world, trust us), we’ve got the insight and knowledge you’re looking for to keep your golf course landscape professionally trimmed and trendy this year.

But we don’t just know it—we’re sharing it, too.

Check out a few of the hot trends to keep up with this year in the golf course realm as well as some vital maintenance tips you need-to-know for your golf course landscape!

A beachside golf course is shown from an aerial view in this photo found on the Landcrafters' website.

Balance Fashion with Function

Obviously, you want your golf course (and all the surrounding landscape) to look modern, clean, and fashionable—but managing a golf course makes things tricky. You can’t always get as wild as you want on the actual golf course because that landscape serves a purpose. You have golfers out there trying to focus on their game, not gaze off at the colorful birds of paradise plants you’ve chosen to include on your course. We’re not saying your golf course needs to be bland—we’re actually saying the very opposite. Create beautiful landscape designs that inspire and allure—but find the balance between fashion and function. Remember, your “customers” are there to golf—if you can find the line of aesthetically pleasing without being overly-distracting, try to toe that line every time!

Spice it Up: Add Color and Flair

When you’ve properly designated the areas where you think adding in a touch of color and flair makes sense, go for it and don’t hold back. This is Florida, right? Why not add some Tropical vibes with some Florida flair. Palms? Go for it! Indian Blanket Flowers? Yes! Banana trees? Heck yes. There are so many ways to add pops of color and Florida flair to your golf course—don’t be afraid to go for it!

Know Your Turf and Know it Well

As the golf course owner, manager, or turf expert, you already know that your turf is everything, both on the golf course and off—it’s vital to know everything there is to know about it (when to water, how to water, etc.) and to have the answer for every question in the book (do I fertilize turf? How much maintenance does it need?). Do all the research you can on your turf in relation to Floridasure, you might know a lot about this turn in theory, but do you know about it in Florida’s context. At Landcrafters, we know turf—we can help you decide which turf is right for you, how to care for it, and answer any turf-related questions you might have.

A single golf ball is shown sitting atop lush, green turf on a Clearwater golf course managed by commercial lawn and landscape service Landcrafters.

Irrigation Checks Are of the Utmost Importance

You probably already know how important this is, so instead of trying to shove this point down your throat, we’ll just point you to some of our valuable resources to help you make sure you’re on track with your irrigation checks. Remember, because you need to ensure your irrigation system is always running at maximum efficiency, you’ll need to audit and inspect your system at least once a month. Keep that in mind as you read some of these helpful irrigation guides!

Happy watering!

Top-Notch Maintenance is Vital

No matter how beautifully designed your landscape is, all the hard work and effort you put into its design won’t matter if you’re not going keep up with maintenance. One of the biggest trends in golf courses this year is to keep your design clean, beautiful, and easy-to-maintain. Why? Because a well-kept, tidy landscape is the biggest piece of the golf course landscape puzzle—it has to happen for your golf course to succeed. If you’ve designed such a complicated, convoluted landscape for your golf course and don’t make plans to keep it tidy, you’re basically setting yourself up for failure. Sure, you’ll have that initial wow-factor—but three months in and an unruly landscape later and you can bet your guests will be turning away from your golf course.

When it comes to maintaining and designing quality landscape for your golf course, look no fruther than comercial landscape service Landcrafters. Especially when it comes to irrigation control

Don’t Forget Your Curb Appeal

Listen, if you’re keeping up with your landscape course design and maintenance, people are going to flock to your golf course no problem. But, that doesn’t mean you should totally ignore your surrounding landscape, your front entry, or your curb appeal. In essence, a golf course is a commercial business, and as a business owner, understanding curb appeal is vital—it draws people in, acts as a solid first impression, and inspires confidence in your establishment. When considering landscaping to boost your curb appeal, think about features that can boost your first impression—flora and fauna, exceptional lighting, appealing water features, and front entry designs that’ll knock everyone’s socks off.

Partner with a Reliable, Credibly Company

Above all, know your limits and know when you need to increase your team. If your golf course landscape is in need of an expert’s touch—whether from a maintenance perspective or from a design perspective—make sure you’re working with an experienced, credible, and reliable company who’s going to have your back no matter what.

A golfer swings his club on a Clearwater golf course. Looking to keep your commercial landscape looking as good as new (like this one)? Landcrafteres Fl is the commercial landscape company you need to aid you with your golf course design and maintenance.

Did our golf course tips, tricks, and trends inspire you to take another landscape-look at your golf course? We hope so! If you have any questions about our advice, want to chat with an expert, or simply would like to request a quote from Landcrafters, give us a call at (727)-201-3947 or inquire with us directly through our contact page! Looking for more inspo and advice for your landscape? Check out our regularly updated blog for commercial and residential landscaping tips!