The Cost of Commercial Landscape Management

The Cost of Commercial Landscape Management

How you can select the right company for your needs


Trying to find the right commercial landscape management company to maintain your property can be like finding the most perfect palm tree on Florida’s pristine coastline. On the surface, they all look pretty similar; then, you talk to one and realize it costs way more than the palm tree next to it. What gives?

Okay, maybe that example was a bit nonsensical, so allow us to clarify—when soliciting bids for commercial landscape maintenance, you’ll likely end up with a head-scratching spectrum of quotes. Some companies may bid unbelievably low while claiming the same services and quality as the higher priced competition, while others may be comparable in price but not in value. It can be an overwhelming and, quite frankly, confusing process.

Sometimes, of course, the differences are obvious, and the decision is a bit like choosing between boxed macaroni and cheese options at the grocery store—do you want the brand name that might be higher quality or do you want to save a few cents and get a lower quality product? Unfortunately, though, the line is rarely so distinct.

So, how do you filter through all the lookalikes, price discrepancies, and claims of quality? We wish we had a magic eight ball to give you, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to discern the differences and choose the right landscaping professional. What we can offer instead is this guide to what commercial landscape management costs, effectively equipping you with the knowledge you need to set yourself up for success!

Factors to Consider

Determining the true cost of commercial landscape management is an imperfect science that can be influenced by a variety of factors. Because (spoiler alert) your decision will likely come down to an educated guess based off of the bids you received and research you’ve done, it is imperative that you know what a landscape company is likely factoring into their bid.


A company is just a name without the people who work for it. In the case of commercial landscape management, the people doing the maintenance have a tremendous effect on the quality of service your property will receive and the price you will be quoted for any given project. The reason for the latter correlation is simple—experience and expertise are hard to come by and therefore demand higher pay. A company that pays its employees more probably sees the tremendous value they offer and compensates them as such.

While the cost may be more thanks to their professionalism and the legality of their employment, the reward for hiring such qualified workers is more than worth it. Reliable, punctual people who take their job—and your property—seriously can be the difference between your expectations failing to be met and your expectations being exceeded in a safe and efficient manner.


Hand-in-hand with a company’s investment in its workers is its investment in equipment. You wouldn’t try to trim the hedges with a pair of hand scissors (sorry, Edward Scissorhands). A quality commercial landscape management company knows that time is money. Moreover, they understand the value associated with efficiency and safety. New and well-maintained equipment is a must if a job is to be completed in the best way possible.

Using new and well-maintained equipment also ensures that delays due to equipment malfunction will be all but eliminated, making such a company far more reliable. Does a company need to pull up in a luxury semi-truck pulling a Lamborghini outfitted with a mower blade? Of course not! However, the quality and appearance of a landscape company’s equipment is an indication of how you view your property. In this way, your name—your brand—is also on display.


Chances are, you’re using a line-by-line bid sheet to keep comparisons as fair and realistic as possible. There is always room for interpretation, though, and one company’s understanding of your expectations may vary wildly from another’s.

The best way to combat this breakdown in communication is to be very specific with your requests and ask that the bidders be detailed in their bids. For example, what type and thickness of mulch do you want to be included as a price factor?

What we’re saying is that choosing a commercial landscape management company is a lot like being in a marriage. You need to be as clear as possible in your communications, or things could end up going south in a hurry.

With these potential factors in mind, our advice to you is simple—pick a handful of bids that seem to be reasonable and within your budget. From there, consider the cost influencers we’ve listed, do some research on the companies you’re considering, and choose the one that seems to offer the best quality for the most value.

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