Deck the Halls the Right Way – The Tampa Bay Holiday Fine Gardening Guide

Deck the Halls the Right Way – The Tampa Bay Holiday fine Gardening Guide

With summer a distant memory (despite the weather) and a spooky season leaving with nothing but old candy as a reminder, it’s time to turn your attention to the holiday season. That’s right; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a host of other seasonal holidays are rapidly approaching.

While your holiday shopping and cooking may be top of mind, there’s another exciting element of holiday cheer in Florida—preparing your landscape for the festivities.

This holiday season, utilizing fine gardening to spruce up your Tampa Bay holiday landscape can ensure that visitors of all kinds (including those in big red suits) feel welcome and enjoy the holiday spirit.

The Fine Gardening Special Touch

Fine gardening might sound like a fancy word for a simple thing. In reality, it is an entirely different form of landscaping than what many people are familiar with.

It is the special touch that elevates and differentiates one property from another. It is detail-oriented work with an emphasis on complementing the nuances of your Tampa Bay landscape. In other words, it’s the perfect way to prepare your property for the holidays.

For an in-depth look at fine gardening in Tampa Bay, be sure to check out our fine gardening guide!

Plants that Spread Cheer

One of the beauties of Florida’s climate is that certain plants can thrive even in the winter. The holidays are known for colorful accents that create vibrancy even as the weather turns. In Tampa Bay, your fine gardener can help select blooming plants and gorgeous foliage that will undoubtedly spread the holiday cheer.

Better still, these colorful landscaping accents can be utilized in a variety of creative ways. Spruce up the entrance to your home with poinsettias, welcome visitors to your commercial property with candy canes made of flowers, or carry the joy inside by bringing complementary plants to your foyer (including festive wreaths).

A tampa bay holiday home shows off their next-level lights.

It’s All About the Lights

It isn’t the holiday season until decorative lights fill the night. One of the primary skills that differentiates a fine gardener from other landscaping professionals is their versatility and specialization in multiple fields. Lighting is one of those specialties, making a fine gardener the perfect partner to pair with when holiday lighting is on the horizon.

Keep in mind that string lights and holiday-specific features are not the only ways to utilize lighting this holiday season.

A fine gardener can add topical lighting to your property’s water features, take your display to the next season by timing the lighting with holiday music, or emphasize certain elements of your décor with subtle lighting. The possibilities are practically endless.

Share the Joy

The holidays are all about coming together with friends and family, as well as sharing joy with passersby. Your fine gardener can ensure that your holiday landscape design can be enjoyed by all by making it as visitor friendly as possible.

For example, your fine gardener can layout the lighting to be beautiful while also highlighting walkways and providing the necessary light to be safe. They can also run all the necessary wiring in clever, pedestrian- and vehicle-friendly ways to make sure everyone (and your property) can appreciate the splendor without compromise.

Fine gardeners also excel at brightening your property’s curb appeal, whether it is residential or a Tampa Bay commercial landscape. From creating eye-catching displays at your front gate to drawing attention to your business’ signage, a fine gardener considers all angles and strives to immerse even passersby in holiday wonder.


No matter what your vision might be for this holiday season, a fine gardener can take your Tampa Bay property and transform it into a wonderland of cheer. If you would like to learn more about fine gardening, including how it can elevate your landscape this holiday season (and year-round), be sure to reach out to us. With over 20 years of experience helping Tampa Bay properties flourish, Landcrafters has the expertise to help you achieve your dream landscape.

In the meantime, visit our blog for a wealth of information ranging from fine gardening to invaluable landscaping tips and tricks. Your property will thank you.