The Top 6 Ways to Save on Landscaping Maintenance Costs

The Top 6 Ways to Save on Landscaping Maintenance Costs

There’s no way to ignore it, so we’re just going to say it outright without beating around the bush—landscape maintenance costs can be pricey.

Don’t get us wrong, as a landscaping company we stand by our services (and our prices, too), but we understand that, for some people and businesses, the top priority isn’t always landscape—so, justifying large maintenance costs can be exceptionally difficult.

For as much as we love to love landscape maintenance, we also believe that there are lots of ways to implement maintenance cost-cutting techniques into your landscape without sacrificing the beauty and well-kempt vibe of your landscape.

How? We’ll tell ya.

Keep reading for a few of our most popular techniques for saving on landscape maintenance costs!


Go with Native Flora & Fauna

If you’re looking for easy flora and fauna that’s going to grow well in Florida without a ton of maintenance and TLC, we suggest you look no further than some of Florida’s beautiful native plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs.

Why? Because these native plants are quite literally born to thrive here—they do already without any landscaping professionals help, right?—and they’ll likely perform their best with very little attention from anyone.

Not sure where to get started? Check out a few of our Florida-friendly and Florida-native posts here:

Start with Simplistic Design from the Beginning

If you have the luxury of starting simply from the beginning, then do it! If you’re working with a team who can help you design your landscape specifically to avoid growing maintenance costs, then we say go for it! This obviously doesn’t apply to folks who have landscape designs implemented and aren’t looking for a big revamp project for their landscape, but it can be a big way to cut maintenance costs for those folks who haven’t yet designed their landscape plan.


Talk Over Your Options With Your Landscaping Team

When it comes to cutting costs, it can hard to figure out on your own exactly what you can afford to live without and what’s going to come back to bite you.

Our best advice? If you’re working with an honest, professional landscaping team who has your best interest at heart, just talk to them directly. If our clients ever need to cut back on maintenance costs, we always encourage them to come to our office, call us, email us (anything) and explain the situation.

With our years of expertise, we’re usually able to create a new maintenance plan and schedule that fits their budget and keeps their landscape as healthy and beautiful as possible. Any qualified professional can work with you to keep your business, ensure your landscape stays healthy, and cut your costs to where you need them to be.

Shot of a male farmer working in a vegetable garden

Choose Low-to-No Maintenance Elements

We love creating all-organic landscapes for our clients that are overflowing with vibrant, unique flora and fauna. But we also understand that an all-organic garden (especially if it’s not a totally Florida-native garden) can take a lot of work.

So, if you’re looking for a beautiful landscape that cuts costs when it comes to maintenance, then opt for some non-organic options (and even a few organic options) that require little to no care. We’re talkin’ decorative rocks and stones, gravel, crushed shell, mulch, pebbles, brick pathways, and so much more!

Don’t Skimp on Must-Have Maintenance or Preparedness

As much as we wish we could advise you to totally skip the maintenance costs that go into things like hurricane preparedness (which we consider a must-have regular maintenance expense in Florida), we can’t responsibly say that.

Unfortunately, hurricane season is a harsh reality we face (and maybe it’s a little karma evening out the playing field since we basically live in a tropical paradise) and it’s a season every landscape owner needs to be prepared for every single year. So, we can’t really tell you how to cut costs here.

But we can tell you that by spending the money on regular hurricane maintenance, you can save a boatload of cash on hurricane repairs and landscape remodels in the long run. When you ensure your landscape is prepared, you mitigate the risk of damage that could happen from a hurricane. If you cut corners and costs in this department, you could end up paying big time to fix the damage from these wild weather seasons.


Hire a Team that Knows What They’re Doing

This might sound counterintuitive when it comes to saving money on your maintenance costs (because more experienced teams tend to charge more for their services), but trust us, after decades in the industry, we’ve seen just how costly hiring an unprofessional team can be.

When you hire a team that’s new, not certified, isn’t professional, and simply gets business by undercutting the pros, you’re hiring a team that’s almost certainly going to do the job wrong. And what happens when the job is done wrong? You’re left on the hook to pay for someone else to fix it. Paying twice for a job that could have been done perfectly on the first go ends up being way more expensive in the longrun—and it takes way more time and burns up a ton of frustration.

So, sure, hiring a professional landscape maintenance team might cost more upfront, but at the end of the day, you’re paying for a sure thing—a landscape job that’s done beautifully right every single time.


See? You can cut your maintenance costs and keep your landscape looking healthy, beautiful, and gorgeously maintained. By implementing a few of these tricks, you can keep your maintenance costs down and ensure that you’re never skimping on your landscape again.

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