What is Landcrafters’ Commercial Landscaping Culture All About?

Behind every successful company is a carefully crafted culture. From how employees are treated to how they interact with clients, culture is the basis for everything a company does. At Landcrafters, we understand the importance of a clear company culture based on values, priorities, and most of all, people.

Over the decades, we have worked hard to create a commercial landscaping culture with intentionality. As a result, our Tampa Bay landscaping company has a strong identity that permeates every aspect of the business. Whether it’s your account manager or the fine gardening expert making your property sparkle, every team member strives to exemplify Landcrafters’ culture.

What is Landcrafters’ culture all about, and what makes it special? We’re glad you asked! Read on for an insider look at exactly what makes Landcrafters stand out.

Landcrafters’ Commercial Landscaping Culture – Setting the Tone for Everything We Do

We believe in putting people first. This starts with clients—our culture is committed to establishing healthy long-term relationships with our customers. However, the way we treat our clients hinges on how we value our employees. It’s fair to say that we are focused on the success of our employees and the fulfillment of our client’s needs.

Here’s how we keep both of these primary goals prioritized as we continue to grow as a company.

Our Staff is Family

It’s well-known that the commercial landscaping industry has a shockingly high turnover rate. There is an unfortunate dynamic where many workers are not passionate about the industry, and companies do not value the employees they have. At Landcrafters, we take the opposite approach.

We are intentional with who we employ. We aren’t looking for people to accomplish a task and move on. Instead, we want to cultivate a family. We treat everyone with respect, seek out passionate individuals to join our team, and do everything we can to create a culture of family within the company.

Every morning, we start the day with a staff meeting. It’s an opportunity for us to come together, strengthen our familial bonds, and focus as a team. We do everything we can to care for and support our employees, and this is reflected in our exceptionally low turnover rate.

Our employees are empowered to do their jobs to the best of their ability. We provide them with hands-on training, including continued learning as they grow with the company. From special sessions to morning meetings where questions can be answered, Landcrafters is built around the people that compose it.

Once equipped with the skills they need to thrive, our employees are provided with the right tools to accomplish the job. We invest in our employees by maintaining our resources, paying them well, and treating them like the valued team members that they are.

We’re Small Business (Even if We Grow)

In the 20+ years of crafting pristine Tampa Bay area landscapes, Landcrafters has grown as a company. We’re proud of our history and how far we’ve come, and we hope to continue expanding to help more properties in the area reach their full potential.

No matter how big the company gets, we’ll always keep it small. By this, we mean Landcrafters will always be family-oriented with an emphasis on being a tight-knit team. We will never treat our clients or our employees like numbers. To us, everyone is an integral member of our Landcrafters’ family, and we will treat them as such.

Growth is great, but no amount of expansion is worth sacrificing the culture and community we love.

Our Customers are Our Partners

Commercial landscaping can be an impersonal industry, but we take a far different approach at Landcrafters. We treat our customers as partners and work hard to establish a healthy, communicative relationship with each of them. The advantages of doing so are worth the effort for both parties, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Partnerships involve active engagement, mutual respect, and communication. They’re two-way streets that benefit everyone involved. For example, Landcrafters brings expertise, professionalism, and open ears to the table. We strive to keep your landscape healthy, increase the value of your investment, and listen to your questions, concerns, and goals.

At the same time, we encourage our partners to be interested in learning, willing to trust us, and engaged in crafting the best possible outcomes for their properties. Together, we can form relationships that not only result in gorgeous Tampa Bay landscapes but also long-term partnerships that go beyond the typical “mow, blow, and go” dynamic many landscaping companies offer.

We Care About the Outcome

Your property is more than a task on our calendar. Landcrafters genuinely cares about the Tampa Bay landscapes we tend, and we are committed to always putting forth our best work. When you thrive, we thrive, and this dedication to quality and treating people right is ingrained in our company culture.

From top to bottom, everyone at Landcrafters cares about the success of your property and our business. We are motivated by common goals and driven to achieve the best outcome. Taking pride in our work strengthens our team and enhances our sense of camaraderie. Excellence is ingrained in our culture, and working toward it keeps us focused, engaged, and ready to make a difference.

This is obvious in nearly every aspect of our culture and how we approach our work. For example, Landcrafters is a firm believer in regular quality audits. Designed to ensure we’ve been doing a great job on your landscape, pinpoint areas that need improvement, and receive direct feedback from you, the client, these quality audits are an opportunity for us to listen, learn, and improve.

We are Invested in Your Property

Landscaping today tends to trend toward a mow, blow, and go style. In other words, it’s more about speed and efficiency than it is about care, connection, and quality. Landcrafters adheres to a different philosophy—our culture is rooted in treating your property like an investment worth growing and protecting.

From the moment we discuss full-management plans, the Landcrafters’ difference will be evident. We’re not looking to make a quick buck or treat you as a number. Instead, we want to foster a culture that considers things comprehensively and completely. Full-service plans allow us to evaluate your property in-depth and care for everything from big jobs to minute details. Your Tampa Bay landscape (and our relationship) will thrive as a result.

Our Culture is the Difference – The Uniqueness of Landcrafters

Landcrafters stands out from the Tampa Bay professional landscaping crowd, and it’s intentional. We do things differently because we are different. We have carefully crafted our culture to embody our values, how we want to treat others, and our intense passion for creating top-notch properties.

To learn more about our culture and the advantages of working with us, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you, answer your questions, and share more insights into our unique company culture. Whether you’re ready to sit down and strategize or are just feeling things out, our team will guide you every step of the way.

If you’re searching for landscaping learning, you’ll love our blog. We update it regularly with landscaping insights and know-how that we’ve accumulated over the past 20 years. This wealth of information is available to you free of charge, so feel free to check it out and expand your landscaping knowledge.