Care for Your Trees This Spring

Care for Your Trees This Spring

Believe it or not, Spring will be upon us in no time. With warmer temperatures fast approaching, Spring showers on the horizon, and an explosion of greenery right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for your landscaping changes, maintenance, and renovations.

While the staples of many properties, trees often get overlooked when caring for landscapes. It’s not because they lack beauty or functionality, but because they seem so untouchable—as if they are so big and enduring that they will simply take care of themselves.

This year, we implore you to give your trees the attention they deserve. As the anchors of your landscape, proper care can help ensure they stay healthy and vibrant for years to come.

If you’re unsure what type of care your trees may need, you’ve come to the right place. We hate to brag, but we’re kind of experts on this topic! Read on to give your trees the Springtime attention required to help them thrive!

Look at the Leaves

The proliferation of new greenery is one of the hallmarks of Spring. From tender shoots emerging from the ground to lush green leaves clothing the recently bare branches, the return of color to the world is a welcomed sight.

If, however, your trees’ leaves are not repopulating as expected, there may be an issue. That’s why you should keep a close eye on your trees and their leaves as Spring rolls around. Strange coloring or spotty growth could be an indication that your tree needs more specific care.

For example, nutrient deficiencies can cause your tree’s foliage to suffer. Diagnosing and addressing these deficiencies can save your tree from more serious damage. We recommend consulting with an expert to ensure your tree is receiving the fertilizer it needs!

Review the Roots

Even the grandest of trees will falter and fall without a strong foundation. When it comes to your favorite barked landscaping features, that foundation is their roots.

We know what you’re thinking—how can you review your trees’ roots when they’re underground? That’s a great question, so we’ve put together a few vital signs to look for when you check your trees this Spring.

Signs of trouble can include cavities at the base of the tree, cracked soil, mushrooms and/or fungus, and damage to any exposed roots. If you notice any of these indicators, your tree’s root system could be in danger.

Be sure to examine the soil to make sure it’s not overly compacted and is providing proper nutrients. You also may wish to mulch around the base of the tree to protect the roots, limit the growth of weeds, and trap in moisture.

Look Over the Limbs

Taking a moment to look over your trees’ limbs can save you—and them—from unexpected surprises. Broken, damaged, and dangling limbs should be easy to spot, but you should look even closer than that. Keep an eye out for limbs that show signs of decay, including the growth of fungus and/or a lack of bark.

If any of your trees have limbs that fall into these categories, you should be proactive in pruning them. Not only does pruning remove potential safety hazards from your property, but it also gives your trees a chance to grow back healthier and more future-proof!

Evaluate the Trunks

Whether your tree is a towering titan or a freshly planted addition to your landscape, evaluating its trunk can help you preemptively care for any potential problems the tree might have.

Just as with branches and roots, cracks, missing bark, and the presence of mushrooms can be indicative of much deeper issues. If your tree shows any of these signs, it could be structurally unsound, no matter how impressive and strong it looks on the exterior.

If you notice any of these warning signs, you should consult a professional, as your tree may be rotted on the inside!


From caring for your current trees to planting new ones, Landcrafters is your go-to expert when Spring arrives. With over 20 years of experience transforming Florida properties into oases and preserving the preexisting beauty of well-established landscapes, Landcrafters knows a thing or two about stoic old oaks, young saplings, and iconic palm trees.

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