Fall is Coming, Are You Ready? 3 Fall Commercial Landscape Trends

Fall is Coming, Are You Ready?: Three Commercial Landscape Trends of Note

We realize the title of this article is bold for a Floridian. We don’t really have seasons, after all—unless you count Summer, Summer Junior, Less Rainy Summer, and Allergy Summer. Okay, we’re admittedly exaggerating, but only a bit! Florida does experience some shifts in temperature, rainfall, and other environmental factors—we’ll compromise and call that “Fall.”

Besides, our lack of definable seasons doesn’t excuse us from Fall landscaping trends. So, buckle up and come on this ride of discovery with us. Along the way, we’ll rake the leaves away to uncover three commercial landscape trends and make sure you and your property are ready for Fall!

Make the Bed

While we highly recommend that you make a literal bed and cozy up for the slightly cooler weather (we Floridians are very temperature sensitive), we’re actually referring to the mulch beds on your property. As the weather cools and rain become less frequent, checking and re-upping your mulch is a must.

Proper mulch beds help retain water, keeping thirsty plants as nourished as possible during the colder, dryer seasons. This benefit carries over to the other seasons as well, as it can help save money and water all year by maximizing the efficiency of your irrigation system.

Mulch also combats freezing weather and helps protect plants from damage associated with those famous Florida chilly nights. So, before you wrap yourself in your favorite Snuggie, hot cocoa in hand, and binge-watch the latest Netflix phenomena, be sure you’ve properly made your plants’ beds—with mulch!

Time to Evaluate

A shift in season—even if it’s only apparent on a calendar—is the perfect time to take a deep breath and evaluate the state of your commercial property. The trap that many property managers fall into—no pun intended—is allowing themselves to be wrapped up in maintenance and disaster response all year. While these are necessary parts of keeping a property’s landscaping pristine, they distract from thorough analysis.

Taking some time to assess where repairs are needed, where improvements can be made, what important changes have occurred in your area, and so on can lead to surprising insights and tremendous benefits in the long run. In other words, be proactive rather than reactive!

Perennial Pops

In Florida, we are blessed with color year-round. Our Fall and Winter seasons are the punchlines to many jokes made by our more northern brethren, but at the heart of the matter, we’re the ones laughing when our landscaping remains vibrant while the rest of the country is covered in that weird powdery stuff they call “snow.”

That being said, there’s no reason you can’t further enhance your already beautiful property by trimming your current perennials or adding new ones. For temperature-sensitive perennials, now is the time to prune and prepare for their next season of bloom. Fall is also an opportunity to add new perennials that can create nice little pops of color. Look for hardy plants that can stand up to and laugh in the face of Florida’s cooler days. Your landscaping will reward you with colorful variety and year-round interest!

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