Five Essential Tampa Landscape Design Elements You Need to Know

Five Essential Tampa Landscape Design Elements You Need to Know

Florida is renowned for its beaches, amusement parks, and lush landscapes. There’s just something iconic about palm trees, well-manicured lawns, vibrant pops of colorful flowers, and the sunshine that ties them all together.

While the properties that stand out may make these gorgeous landscapes look easy and natural—almost as if they sprung up one stormy afternoon and never left—the truth is that the most memorable Florida landscapes require meticulous planning and hard work.

If you want to perfect your property’s Florida vibe, there are a few key elements you’ll need to consider incorporating into your unique Tampa landscape design. Trust us; the transformation will be well worth the effort.

Tampa landscape design can be unique and beautiful, as pictured here with symmetric design and fun flora.

Coordinate with the Seasons

We know what you’re thinking; Florida has two seasons—summer and summer junior. While this may be (mostly) true, that only makes your job as a landscape aficionado more engaging. Because there are not many natural shifts in the appearance of Florida’s landscape season-to-season, creating color palettes that signal the change can elevate your property to the next level.

You can do this by opting for plants and flowers that bloom at different times of the year, changing the appearance of your mulch beds, and even adding seasonally appropriate artificial elements to your landscape to match the mood and strengthen the festive spirit.


Seasonal shifts may not be Florida’s strong suit, but pleasant year-round weather certainly is. From basking in the heat and dipping in the pool during the summer to enjoying the slight tinge of cold when winter rolls around, there’s rarely a time where the Florida outdoors are off-limits.

As such, blending indoor and outdoor spaces is a hallmark of Florida landscaping. Often, this looks like creating spaces that facilitate spending time outside, such as covered porches and outdoor kitchens. However, the only limit to outside living spaces is your imagination.

Consider integrating lighting and fans into any inside-out project you take on, as these features expand the usability of the space into the summer and into the night.

Break the Symmetry

Some of us crave consistency (speaking to ourselves, here), but breaking free from symmetry is a modern trend that can make your property stand out from the crowd. This is especially true of gardens, where asymmetrical design is a hot commodity in Florida.

The onus of this movement lies in the casual, welcoming nature of the asymmetrical design. It breaks up the monotony and makes the space feel less rigid and structured. At the same time, the design can be bolder and more dramatic than a traditional garden design, drawing positive attention to your property.

When considering the layout of your Florida landscape, consider being symmetry-free.

Tampa landscape design is pictured poolside with fun Florida features.  Toughen Up

Florida may have a reputation of being a tropical paradise—and it often is—but it can also be a brutal environment for plants. From strong winds and heavy rains to intense heat and the occasional prolonged drought, Florida does not make it easy for plants of all varieties to thrive.

To offset this constantly changing climate, it is vital to select plants that have the toughness and flexibility to adapt and survive. Often, plants can be used in conjunction with one another to create a more favorable environment. For example, using wind-resistant plants to protect the less hardy plants from Florida’s notorious storms can help your entire landscape flourish.

Use the Rain to Your Advantage

Hurricane season in Florida may receive its fair share of press, but the almost daily storms that grace Florida afternoons in the summer are a more consistent threat to your property—if your drainage is not properly established.

By using attractive rain gardens to improve the drainage of your property, you can ensure that runoff and standing water do not wreak havoc on your landscape and use that rain to feed your plants. When the rocks of a rain garden are combined with deep-rooted plants, rainwater is whisked away from more sensitive areas of your property, used to beautify your landscape, and properly directed to the right drainage zones.


Creating the perfect Florida landscape doesn’t have to be daunting. By embracing the five essential Florida landscape elements listed above, you can establish a strong foundation on which to build your dream property.

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