Industrial Buildings & You — Why Warehouses Need Landscaping, Too

Industrial Buildings & You — Why Warehouses Need Landscaping, Too

It’s no secret that industrial buildings are kind of, well, let’s just come out and say it—drab.

Seriously, think about the last industrial building or warehouse you saw that made your eyes light up, your heart skips a beat, got your palms sweating all because it was so warm, inviting, and exciting. Can’t think of one? Yeah, that’s because it probably doesn’t exist.

Yet, anyway.

Warehouses and industrial buildings are a big part of our commercial economy, right? Everyone needs a place to store, create, or manufacture merchandise. But, just because you’re running a super functional building doesn’t mean that it needs to look super boring, too. Right?

We don’t think so. At Landcrafters, we understand the value of every type of commercial property looking its best, even when it’s a low-to-no-maintenance required building with long parking lots, busy loading docks, and (we’ll just say it) boring-looking buildings.

As a company, you know all of your brand assets need to look their best, right? Every facet you touch is a reflection of who you are, what your brand stands for, and creates a long-lasting image of what your company represents. That means the design, the upkeep, and the overall feeling your industrial or commercial landscape portrays absolutely matters.

The good news? You don’t need to call in an architect and redesign your entire warehouse to knock some Feng Shui into the place. You just need a little insight from the Florida landscape folks that know a whole lot about crafting a low-maintenance but gosh-darn beautiful landscape that’s bound to impress your clients, your workers, and even passersby.

So, how do you go about crafting a modern, easy, and durable landscape for your Florida industrial building? Start reading (and feel free to take notes, too).


Trees, Trees, Trees

Trees can be a hugely important part of amping up your landscape design—especially if you’re working with a long, single-level warehouse. Trees provide a little color, a pop of texture, and a whole lot of multi-level dimensions that can help really alter the way people view your space. Whether you want to add in traditional Florida shrubs or trees for a classic look that brings serious shade or bright and exciting colored trees to give your space a pop of color, there are plenty of ways to implement trees to make your landscape more engaging.

Make that Entrance Pop

It’s often said that the entryway to your business is like a handshake—and you know what they say about handshakes, right? If your entrance is weak as can be, it’s unlikely you’re doing your best to put your best foot forward. Put a little extra focus on your entryway to give it a little pizazz—try things like a tree-lined walkway to the front door, a stone-paved path, a well-maintained entrance, and of course, landscape that highlights your front door and your showstopping signage.

A sunny Florida path is seen in this photo with bright spring blooms -- all of these are great examples of what you should plant in your Florid landscape this spring!

Don’t Fear a Splash of Color

Did you know that bright, well-maintained, vibrant landscapes are more inviting? It’s true! While you might not be trying to attract consumers to your warehouse, you do want to make sure all that visit your commercial space feel welcomed and warm, and a bright pop of color in your landscape can help you do that. Try adding in vibrant, tropical Florida flowers, like big palms with bright pops of flowers. Or, consider switching out your flower beds with seasonal blooms that rep the right colors!

Give Your Employees the Haven They Deserve

It can’t be just about looks when it comes to landscaping a commercial space—it also needs to be about what’s going to make your employees happy. Why? Because a happy employee will perform better, take pride in what they’re doing, and put their best foot forward when can tell an employer cares about their well-being. Landscape is a really simple, but important, gesture in this regard. Consider creating an exciting common area for your employees by implementing ideas like small walking trails, ample seating, gorgeous gardens, and of course, inviting spaces for break and lunchtimes. For more ideas about how to deliver a premium break spot, check out our post here!

Spice up the Parking Lot

Say it with us, people, parking lot islands. These low-maintenance landscape features are easy fixes for breaking up those excessive stretches of asphalt (which, spoiler alert, are super dull). With little islands scattered throughout the parking lot, you can make a huge difference in how people view—and use—your lots!

Maintenance Makes the Difference

At the end of the day, you can make insane changes to your landscape, but none of them will matter if you don’t plan to invest in maintenance or upkeep. Industrial buildings and warehouses (and all commercial spaces, for that matter) need to be well maintained to avoid dangerous circumstances for everyone who uses that space. Trim hedges, monitor shrubs, check walkways, etc. Or, partner with a landscaping company that’s willing to tackle that for you on a regular basis.


Need Landscaping for Your Industrial Site? We Can Help

Your industrial building landscape doesn’t need to be boring—in fact, it can be truly exciting if you design it correctly.

If you’re managing an industrial site and want to spice up your curb appeal (without increasing your maintenance costs or efforts), we can help get you there! At Landcrafters, we’ve been focusing on industrial landscapes for decades, which means we know just what you need to take your landscape to the next level!

If you’ve got questions, want to discuss your space, or need insight from landscaping professionals, give us a call! You can reach us at (727)-201-3947 or you can contact us directly through our website right here!