Pre-Winter Irrigation Checklist for Your Tampa Bay Landscape

As the national news turns to stories of blizzards and frigid temperatures, Floridians rejoice. Here in the Sunshine State, the Winters are mild—simply a brief reprieve from the year-round heat for which Florida is known. While you may have to leave your swimsuit untouched for a few weeks, the temperate climate of the region still welcomes outdoor activities and spurns bulky Winter clothing.

Just because Florida is a dreamland of sunshine and mild Winter temperatures, it is not completely free of seasonal challenges, especially when it comes to landscaping. Even balmy Tampa Bay landscape should make adjustments to make the most of the cooler weather and thrive throughout the season. For those with irrigation systems, completing the following checklist before Winter arrives is essential to maintaining the system and helping both it and your landscape flourish.

Maintain and Repair

Before Winter descends, be sure to thoroughly evaluate your irrigation system. Pinpointing areas of concern, including leaks, is key. By performing the necessary maintenance and repairs before the seasons change, you are setting your irrigation up for success in the challenging months to come.

Irrigation matters when the winter months come by–how are you managing your tampa bay landscape irrigation needs?Prepare for the Dry Season

Winter tends to be the driest season in Florida. Despite lacking the heat associated with the rest of the year, the minimal rain means that consistent watering throughout the colder months is important to the health and success of your Tampa Bay landscape. All of your plants, from established trees to the grassy lawn, require water to thrive even if they are dormant. So, before Winter arrives, be sure to adjust your irrigation system to deliver water to the root systems of your landscape’s plants.

Be Wary of Freezing Temps

While rare in Florida, freezing temperatures do occur. Many of the plants that populate your Tampa Bay landscape are likely sensitive to the cold already. In addition to covering them to protect them from the chilly air, remember to turn off your irrigation system when temperatures plunge below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so will protect the irrigation lines from freezing and potentially bursting, and the benefits don’t stop there.

If your irrigation system delivers water to plants and temperatures drop below 32 degrees, that water will freeze. Your plants will not respond well to being subjected to ice, and they may suffer from poor health or even death as a result.

If You’re Unsure, Trust an Expert

Winter in Florida may not seem like a big deal, but the fluctuation in temperature and rain can present challenges to Tampa Bay landscapes. When you factor in the variety of plants that populate your property, the nuances of your irrigation system, and the constant need to evaluate and adjust your approach, it can become overwhelming, especially when you have a busy life and other responsibilities. Factor in the potentially massive cost of revitalizing a landscape that suffered losses during the Winter, and the stakes are higher than many people realize.

Rather than taking on the challenge yourself, consider working with an experienced landscaping professional. The investment pre-Winter will give you the peace of mind necessary to enjoy Florida’s cooler months, and it could save you a tremendous among of money in the long run.

Landcrafters has been providing the Tampa Bay area with stellar landscaping services for over 20 years. With the experience and expertise to help your property flourish even in the dry Winter season, you can trust Landcrafters with your current landscape and vision for the future of your property. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, including those specific to your Tampa Bay landscape. You can also visit our blog, where you’ll find valuable landscaping resources for absolutely free.