The Ultimate Guide for Landscaping Your Office Building

When you look at your commercial property campus, what do you notice? Are you filled with joy? Do you feel peace walking the pathway toward your office, or are you overcome with a passé feeling of boredom and dread?

We’ve got news for you, friends. Office building landscapes don’t have to be boring (even if you so happen to work in a boring industry). Do you think it’s about time you get to sprucing up your office building landscape and lawn areas?

If you’re tired of looking at the same, boring landscape on your everyday walk into the office, we’ve got good news – there’s a remedy. Jazzing up your office space’s landscape is a breeze – if you know what you’re doing. Luckily, you’re in good hands. The Landcrafters Team has been spicing up office building landscapes for years, and we’ve put together a helpful, happy guide that should aid you in creating a beautiful landscape for your commercial property.

So, what do you say? Do you want to make your employees proud to work at in an office that values their landscape aesthetics? Do you want to provide your guests with a feast for their senses when they gaze upon your landscape?

We thought you might.

Check out our ultimate guide for office building landscaping tricks below to get a jump start on kicking your campus lawn into gear!

beautiful park between office buildings

Make the First Impression You’ve Always Wanted

You know how your father told you that your handshake is the best first impression you can make? Well, consider your office’s main entrance your handshake to the world and make your father proud. You want your front entrance to be welcoming, warm, and interesting. You want it to simultaneously catch peoples’ eye, provide the perfect accent to your building, and most importantly, not demand too much upkeep. Sounds like a hard balance, doesn’t it?

We suggest adding bright, vibrant flowering plant beds near your office entrance in order to attract attention. Consider colors that will complement your building, not clash, and also consider plants that are manageable and will grow well in our Florida heat. Think about how colors like blues, greens, and purples are said to recede, or rather, make the area around them appear larger. Meanwhile, warmer colors like red, yellow, and orange are known to advance your space, rather, make your area look a bit smaller and more compact. Consider perennial plants like Blue Daze Lantana, Vinca, and Cat’s Whiskers. You can also include things like small shrubs too, like Firebush, Juniper, Drift Rose, and Ixora, to help bring about texture and impact to your entrance.

Common Area Time

If you’re looking to redesign your office space landscape to give your campus a better look and feel, we can’t avoid suggesting that you provide your employees and guests with an outdoor common area and a comfortable seating area or patio.

Why is this important? You’re going to put a lot of work into your landscape redesign and you’ll want people to not only be drawn to it for a look but take the time to sit outside and enjoy it. It’s unlikely that people will want to stand and enjoy your area for a good deal of time, so it’s important to provide comfortable, ample seating – we’re talking picnic tables, stone benches, and maybe even fire pits or water features for people to gather around.

Make sure you’ve planted enough big, leafy plants and trees to help provide shade for these common areas, and if you’re looking to encourage a secluded private feel, we suggest implementing tall hedges or shrubs to help separate these areas a bit from the rest of the campus.

There’s a ton more to consider when adding in a common area, in fact, there’s so much more, we wrote a whole extra article about it. Check it out here to get even more tips and tricks about how to craft the perfect common area for your office building.

As a last note, we suggest adding outdoor wi-fi to encourage people to sit outside and enjoy!

Your Signage Is Important – Treat It That Way!

Often, office buildings will spend time and money on redesigning their landscape and entirely forget about their signage. If your entrance is your handshake, your signage is the wave that invites people over to shake your hand – in other words, your office building needs to make a great impression from a distance, too.

We suggest adding in bright pops of color around your signage to draw in eyes and grab attention. That being said, you don’t want to add in colors that clash with your sign’s color scheme, so be aware of what works and what doesn’t. It’s also important to recognize seasonal changes. Though we’re in Florida and don’t see a lot of seasonal change, it can be fun to change up your colors and textures of the plants and blooms around your signage to switch it up. Consider crepe myrtle and palm fronds in the summer, light, bright daffodils or tulips in the spring, deep colors like red maple and bougainvillea in the winter, and coleus and caladiums in autumn.

One of the most important aspects about your signage landscaping is the amount of upkeep it will take. You never want your plants or blooms to block your signage, so you’ll have to schedule regular maintenance for this fauna.

As you’ve probably noticed, signage is a complicated process and requires a lot of attention to detail. Luckily, we’re professionals at Landcrafters and we’ve had years of experience dotting the Is and crossing the Ts on what makes the perfect signage. In fact, we’ve even written a blog post about it! Check it out here for more information!

Keep it Interesting, but Keep it Safe

Planning out beautiful patios, garden areas, water features, or common areas for your office building campus can be fun and exciting. Trust us, as landscaping professionals, we understand how invigorating it is to not only strategize but put into action the beautiful plans you have for your space. That being said, though, you need to always consider safety measures for your office building campus when you’re redesigning your landscape.

For starters, always consider the types of plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers you’ll be adding to your campus. You never want to add in fauna that’s too hard to keep up with because you want to prevent an overgrown jungle at all costs. If shrubs are left to grow too tall, they can obstruct vision, and if trees are left to wildly grow, their roots and branches could rip up sidewalks and parts of your building.

Additionally, if you haven’t considered things like drainage for your newly-designed landscape, you could be left in ankle-deep, stagnant water in your beautiful, new yard – especially when you consider how wild the rain can get in Florida. What’s so bad about that, you might ask? Excess water like that can lead to dangerous bacteria, mold, fungus, and gross odors. All of that adds up to a dangerous, costly, and unpleasant working environment.

There are always dozens of safety concerns to consider when you’re implementing new landscaping for your office building. So many that we’ve actually written an article about the top concerns to consider. Check it out here for more information.


Did you love our guide? We hope that we provided you with plenty of helpful information for crafting the perfect landscape for your commercial office building. We’d love to provide you with even more information you’re looking for! Check out our site here and feel free to give us as a call at 727-497-7831 to chat with us! We look forward to hearing from you!