Eight Flowers Your Florida Garden Needs This Spring

Eight Flowers Your Florida Garden Needs This Spring

Spring is right around the corner; can you believe it?

As the winter season draws to a close, your to-do list is probably filling up. It’s time for spring cleaning, walks in the fresh air, and a visit to your garden. After all, spring is the season of rebirth and rejuvenation.

As you evaluate how to spruce up your garden after it has laid dormant through the winter, you’ll want to replace old plants and freshen up the space with new ones. As an added benefit, now is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors before the hot weather sneaks up on you, and in Florida, that happens fast!

Whether you’re an advocate of annuals or partials to perennials, having a clear picture of the flowers you’d like to see liven up your garden is key to accomplishing your gardening goals. To lend a helping hand, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite flowers into a convenient list for you. These beauties are sure to thrive in the unique Florida climate, bringing your property color and vibrancy!

Aztec Lilies (Sprekelia Formosissima)

If you want to add a showy, unbelievably beautiful flower to your Florida garden, look no farther than the Aztec Lily. Its unique six petal blossoms feature three upper petals that curl backward and three lower petals that project downward, giving it an appearance that is sure to catch the eye and be recognizable.

Although a bit finicky, Aztec Lilies are a worthy addition to any garden.

Cat’s Whiskers (Orthosiphon Aristatus)

The name may be odd, but this flowering member of the mint family is a gorgeous addition to any Florida garden. With delightful dark-green foliage and unmistakable white blossoms, the unique appearance of the Cat’s Whiskers is sure to draw the eyes of anyone and everyone.

Coneflowers (Echinacea)

These lovely flowers may remind you of Daises, and for good reason—they’re relatives! Procuring their name from their raised, cone-like centers, Coneflowers can be had in a variety of vibrant or muted colors, ensuring they will offer just the right touch to your landscape.

Coneflowers also attract wildlife, including bees, birds, and butterflies!

Coreopsis (Coreopsis Spp.)

You live in Florida, right? Then, it only makes sense that you should have Florida’s state wildflower in your garden!

Coreopsis can’t be missed thanks to their incredible array of bright hues. Pink, red, white, and yellow are all available and sure to bring a special pop to your landscape (and your life). If you’re looking for the quintessential Florida flower that practically embodies summer, the Coreopsis is for you.

Lobelia (Lobelia Erinus)

These bright beauties are known for a number of positive attributes. Sometimes called Trailing Lobelia, these easy-to-grow flowers can fill spaces with dazzling colors thanks to their prolific nature. They also attract butterflies, adding a welcomed extra element to your garden.

Lobelias are exceptionally versatile, allowing them to be used for a variety of purposes. From window boxes to blank space fillers, Lobelias are a wonderful choice for any gardener in Florida.

Portulaca (Portulaca Grandiflora)

Any garden can benefit from the inclusion of the distinct Portulaca flower. With reddish stems that spread approximately twice as wide as they grow tall, this flowering plant makes for fantastic cover. The tiny blossoms resemble roses, giving Portulacas an elegance that is sure to elevate your garden.

Shooting Star (Pseuderanthemum Laxiflorum)

Bushy and sporting flowers that—you guessed it—are shaped like stars, the Shooting Star flower is sure to be the star of your garden. While it does require frequent pruning, proper upkeep of this flowering plant allows it to develop into a dense shrub.

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum Majus)

No list would be complete with Snapdragons. These flowers are famous for a reason—they belong in just about every garden!

With lovely flowers that bloom for months at a time, Snapdragons provide a magnificent vividness thanks to their bright green foliage and colorful clusters of blossoms.

There you have it; the eight flowers your Florida garden needs this spring! We hope you enjoyed this guide and found some inspiration for the next iteration of your garden.

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