Common Tampa Bay Commercial Landscaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Tampa Bay Commercial Landscaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to your business, people will undoubtedly make judgments based on its exterior appearance. As such, you want to make your book’s cover as enticing as possible. You don’t want to be left on the shelf; rather, you want people to pick you and see all you have to offer.

Your landscape will play a pivotal role in whether you put forth the image you strive for and if people opt to enter your business or not. Unfortunately, this aspect of a business is often overlooked, and if it’s not, certain mistakes are commonly made.

We’ve put together a quick guide to these common Tampa Bay commercial landscaping mistakes, as well as how you can fix them. Equipped with this knowledge, your commercial landscape is sure to be an instant classic.

One of the biggest Tampa bay commercial landscaping mistakes is focusing just on the ground–pictured are beautifully landscaped trees.

Focusing Only on the Ground

Landcrafters have been in the landscaping game for over two decades, so when we tell you that it’s not all about the ground, give us the benefit of the doubt. Yes, plants grow from the ground; and yes, plants are the key element of landscaping, but sometimes, you have to look up rather than down.

Many commercial properties are so focused on flowers and lawns and walkways that they let branches fall to the wayside—sometimes literally. These overgrown, overhanging branches detract from the visual appeal of an otherwise stunning landscape, but the real problem lies in the risk they pose.

Branches can block lighting, security cameras, or informative signage, negatively impacting both you and your clients. Should untrimmed branches fall, the damage to property or, worse, injury to a client could be devastating. Trust us; it’s better to nip this problem in the bud than deal with the fallout.

Not Prioritizing the Entryway

At its core, your commercial landscape is an investment. It’s a way to attract attention, appeal to clients and customers, and create more opportunities for you and your business. As such, it’s essential to allocate your resources well and prioritize the areas that will best benefit the business.

When it comes to creating first impressions, your entryway will play a major role. To make the most of this critical chance to impress, you’ll want to spend adequate resources and time to ensure your front entryway is up to the task.

You want to wow people without overwhelming them or creating chaos. Opting for colorful blooms is an obvious inclusion, but you shouldn’t stop there. Consider using natural elements like boulders to add texture and fill empty space. Incorporate clear, eye-catching signage that directs people where you want them to go. Invest in excellent, well-placed lighting to make the entrance safe and welcoming at any time.

The suggestions above, combined with your own personalized landscaping flair, are sure to build an excellent first impression and a memorable entryway.

Slacking on Maintenance

All investments need to be maintained to ensure their value and return remain high. Unfortunately, it’s easy to let maintenance fall to the wayside, especially on commercial properties that see significant foot traffic.

As people walk around the property, use the parking lot, and otherwise leave their imprint on the landscape, the accumulation of damage, debris, and trash is inevitable. If you don’t stay proactive in preventing the build-up of these things, you could end up with an unsightly property despite the time, money, and investment you poured into it.

When developing your maintenance plan, be sure to factor in clean-up, trash pick-up, and other measures to address the inevitable wear and tear on your commercial landscape.

Fun and bright flowers are a key element in Tampa Bay landscaping.

If you want your commercial landscape to stand out from the crowd, you’ve come to the right place. With over 20 years of experience crafting stunning properties, Landcrafters is your go-to source of all things landscaping. Call or contact us today for a personalized approach to your commercial property needs.

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