Creating a Commercial Landscape Budget that Works for You in Tampa Bay

Creating a Commercial Landscape Budget that Works for You in Tampa Bay

There are a variety of considerations to make when planning your budget. From the marketing campaigns you have planned to the simple act of accounting for utility costs, creating a successful budget requires thorough thought and intention.

When it comes to the commercial landscaping portion of your budget, it can be easy to allocate a lump sum that sounds right without considering the specific factors that could influence your landscaping costs for the year.

Whether it’s overwhelming, unfamiliar, or you just don’t have the time to immerse yourself in your commercial landscape budget, we’ve got you covered. With over 20 years in the industry, Landcrafters has the experience and knowledge to help you create a commercial landscape budget that works for you.

Check out our top landscape budget tips below!

Start with the Past

Whether you budgeted for your property’s landscaping needs last year or not, evaluating what your expenses were is key to establishing a baseline for this year’s budget. There are numerous things you should consider when assessing last year’s landscape costs, each of which will guide you as you form your new budget.

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Surprise Expenses
  • Consumables (such as fertilizer and water)
  • Landscape Enhancements

While the four items above are not the end-all-be-all of commercial landscape budgeting, they are a fantastic starting point to build on, especially if you are considering past expenses!

Focus on Your Landscape

This point seems obvious—you’re budgeting for your commercial property, after all. The truth is, not all landscapes are the same, and if you budget without considering the state and use of your landscape, you will miss out on key factors that could lower or raise expenditures.

For example, landscapes that are established and feature mature plant life and trees tend to be more expensive to maintain. From frequent pruning of shrubs to replacing old flowers, the reasons for this uptick in upkeep are numerous.

The way in which your landscape is used will also play a role in the expense you should expect. If its primary purpose is to look nice and attract people to your building, the maintenance will likely be simplified and focused on aesthetics. If, however, your property experiences high levels of foot traffic, more damage will be incurred by the lawn, landscape beds, walkways, and more. Naturally, this increased wear-and-tear will require more frequent (and costly) upkeep.

These and other factors will also affect the frequency with which you fertilize, irrigate, and otherwise care for your landscape. These expenses are recurring, so having a clear understanding of the frequency and volume required to maintain your landscape will play heavily into your budget.

By keeping the focus on your landscape and its specific needs, you will be able to develop a more accurate idea of routine maintenance expenses.

Reserve for a Refresh

Reserving part of your annual commercial landscape budget for upgrades ensures that you won’t be caught off-guard when the cost of new plants, irrigation improvements, and re-mulching reaching your desk.

Keep in mind that landscape upgrades aren’t limited to just plants and plant-related things. This portion of your budget can also cover walkways, water features, shaded outdoor areas, and more!

Invest in Safety

As unfortunate as it is, your landscape can be a liability. That loose brick in the walkway is a twisted ankle waiting to happen. The exposed roots in the lawn could cause someone to trip. Any number of small, seemingly harmless issues could end up being a big deal.

That’s why a portion of your budget should be dedicated to finding and addressing potential hazards. The natural wear, tear, and growth associated with Florida landscapes is bound to continually create new problem areas, so budgeting for spotting and fixing them before they become a liability is vital!

Stay Informed

No matter who manages your commercial property, the relationship you share with them should be one of openness and honesty. They should feel empowered to share regular updates with you—even bad ones—so that you can come together to find cost-effective and favorable solutions.

By partnering with a commercial landscape management company that is passionate and communicates well, you can stay informed and on-budget!


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