The Top Tampa Bay Landscape Maintenance Myths

In a time of overwhelming information available at your literal fingertips, it has never been easier to learn new skills, tackle DIY projects, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends, no matter what topic you’re diving into. The internet has truly reinvented how we obtain, process, and use knowledge.

Despite the availability of valuable insights from experts, the proliferation of know-how has also led to an explosion of half-truths and downright false information. This dichotomy is quite apparent in most industries, and landscaping is no exception.

One DIY resource may be a legitimate guide to perennials, and the next might lead you astray when it comes to pruning. It’s a frustrating and challenging world to navigate without a little help.

Lucky for you, Landcrafters has over 20 years of landscaping experience in the Tampa Bay landscape maintenance area, and we’re here to dispel a handful of the most common landscape maintenance myths you’re likely to encounter. So, whether you’re a die-hard DIYer or simply looking to expand your landscaping knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to sort through advice that rings true and guidance you should avoid.

Avoid These Tampa Bay Landscape Maintenance Myths

If we were to try to dispel every landscaping myth floating around on the internet, we would be here for an eternity. Don’t get us wrong; we would love to play fact-checker for all the aspiring landscapers and landscape maintenance DIYers out there. For now, though, we’re going to focus on the questionable information we see most often.

For more guidance and landscaping expertise, we encourage you to get it from a reputable source. For example, you can find an abundance of reliable tips and tricks on our blog, where we share our decades of experience free of charge.

Now, without further ado, we present the top landscape maintenance myths to be aware of when perusing the well-intentioned corners of social media.

Water is Water, and Irrigation Systems are Unnecessary

The expense associated with irrigation systems can be off-putting, especially when the benefits are obscured by unreliable information floating around in the cloud (what is the cloud, anyway?). There are arguments for alternatives, such as planting during the rainy season, hand watering, and more. The problem is that the arguments, though compelling, are typically based on aggressive assumptions.

Relying on rain is not a viable option, especially in Tampa Bay. Even during the rainy season when water is not in short supply, the way that rain inundates plants with more water than they can healthily absorb is not a recipe for success. Hand watering, too, falls short, as it has a tendency to take massive amounts of time to do properly.

Modern irrigation systems, especially smart irrigation, deliver precise amounts of water directly to where it is needed. They also account for the weather, time, and other climate-related factors that can influence watering. Not only does this lead to healthier plants than other forms of watering, but it also saves money in the long run. Less waste means a lower utility bill, less human involvement means lower landscaping costs, and healthier plants mean less maintenance and replacement. In other words, irrigation systems are worth the investment, especially for larger properties!

Native Plants are the Only Way to Go

At Landcrafters, we are all about utilizing plants that are native to the Tampa Bay area. They tend to thrive in the unique challenges coastal regions of the Sunshine State present, they foster local wildlife, and they blend into the preexisting landscape of the area.

While the advantages of working with native plants are numerous, it would be a mistake to limit your Tampa Bay landscape to exclusively native varieties. There are many non-native species that can benefit your property. From aesthetic appeal to plant diversity that is integral to an interesting and comprehensive landscape design, non-native plants can bring tremendous value to your Tampa Bay property, especially when used to complement your native staples.

Maintenance is Limited to Mow, Blow, and Go

For many people—landscaping professionals included—designing a property is an exhilarating process. It engages your creativity, is full of possibilities and potential, and gets you excited for what’s to come.

Maintenance, on the other hand, is not nearly as glamorous, leading many people and landscaping companies to do the bare minimum. This method—lovely referred to as mow, blow, and go—is exactly as it sounds. Rather than adopting a long-term, comprehensive approach to landscaping maintenance, it focuses on the basics.

Unfortunately, this is not a recipe for success. Not only does it set a low standard, but it also overlooks important aspects of your property. Pruning, irrigation maintenance, and more detail-oriented fine gardening are all essential to establishing and maintaining a healthy, good-looking property that endures year-round.

Things like regular quality audits catch potential problems before they develop, pinpoint areas that could use improvement, and account for the overall health of your property. Going beyond mow, blow, and go is essential to having a pristine property that stays at its best for years to come.

Landscaping is a One-Size-Fits-All Industry

Landscaping is just plants, watering, fertilizer, and maintenance, right? How hard can it be?

While it’s true that the process of landscaping shares overlap from property to property, there is more nuance to a successful property than applying the basics. Every landscape is unique—even if in close proximity to another—and must be treated as individual if it is to reach its full potential.

This principle applies to everything from plant selection to lighting features to maintenance schedules. If you want your property to shine, you cannot apply universal landscaping advice without accounting for the factors that make your property one-of-a-kind.

Working with a reputable professional landscaper in Tampa Bay is especially helpful in this regard. They have the training and experience to identify the particulars that make your property yours. Once identified, they can work with you to design and implement a maintenance plan specifically for your Tampa Bay property.

Get Your Landscaping Info from the Experts

If landscaping captures your interest or you want to perfect your Tampa Bay property, you’ll want to ensure the knowledge you’re accumulating comes from a reliable source. The wealth of information available on the internet and social media is incredible, but it is only as valuable as its source is trustworthy.

With over 20 years of professional landscaping experience in Florida, Landcrafters has established itself as an area expert. Whether you choose to check out our blog or reach out to us to discuss topics specific to your property, we’re happy to share our industry insights with you. We work with residential and commercial landscapes in Tampa Bay, so don’t hesitate to come to us with your landscaping questions, needs, and dreams.