Your In-Depth Guide to Annuals Versus Perennials For Tampa Bay

Your In-Depth Guide to Annuals Versus Perennials For Tampa Bay

Whether you’re running a business or dressing up a residential property, putting your best first impression out into the world is no doubt a priority. From maintaining the building and physical infrastructure of the property to carefully selecting the landscape elements that will represent you, each decision made can influence the whole.

When it comes to your landscape, nothing catches the eye quite like bright, beautiful flowers. From complementing your signage to creating a space that feels cheerful and welcoming, flowers are easily one of the most appreciated additions to any property. They also happen to be one the most visible, making your selections even more important.

The main debate often comes down to annuals versus perennials. If you’re familiar with or entirely new to this topic, don’t worry—the guide below will assist you in selecting the best options for your property and personal preference!


Many admire the explosion of floral vibrancy that accompanies the bloom of annual flowers. They’re so noticeable and so unmistakably gorgeous that placing them in highly visible areas of your property is ideal. Not only do they capture the attention of passersby, but they are also a visual treat for those on the property.

The attractiveness of annuals is not up for debate. They simply cannot be ignored. However, those superstar good looks come at a price—they require frequent replacement, and the accompanying bill can be shocking. It’s not unusual to spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on annuals.

As lovely as they are, annuals are a bit of a flash in the pan. They burn bright and beautiful, then they die. Because they must be replanted every year, the expense of purchasing new flowers and planting them can be quite substantial.



Because they aren’t the shiniest trinket on display, perennials often get overlooked. Yes, it’s true—perennials can’t compete with annuals when it comes to the sheer volume of color per inch or longevity of bloom.

Where perennials do shine, however, is in their long-term cost savings and reliability. Instead of being planted every season, perennials only need to be planted once. They will then come back each year to grace your property with blooms.

It is important to note that the upfront cost of installing perennials will likely seem exorbitant compared to annuals. When considering the long-term savings, however, this upfront cost is not just reasonable, it’s a bargain. Besides not having to be replaced each season, perennials also require less water than annuals.

How to Choose

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the annuals versus perennials debate because every property is unique, and nobody shares the exact same vision. That’s why we recommend evaluating your property, determining its needs, considering your budget, and filtering that information through the lens of your dream landscape design.

What you’ll likely discover is that your landscape needs both annuals and perennials. By mixing and matching these two worthy adversaries, you can create a landscape that has the best of both worlds—the vivid bursts of color provided by annuals and the rocksteady, money-saving consistency of perennials.

By utilizing annuals in the most visible areas of your landscape, you can maximize their usefulness and your budget. Consider placing them in the following areas:

  • Near Signage
  • Around Entrances
  • Street-Facing Areas
  • In Courtyards

Perennials, on the other hand, are best used as complements to your annuals or in less-visible areas that still need a consistent source of floral splendor. It’s best to avoid placing them in containers (use annuals for that), but they are fantastic for filling plant beds and for the following placements:

  • Less-Frequented Areas
  • Non-Street-Facing Areas
  • Annual Complements

A row of beautiful spring flowers is shown in a commercial lawn and landscape, a sign of quality landscaping by Landcrafters Florida.


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