Enhancing Commercial Entrances with Landscaping

Enhancing Commerical Entrances with Landscaping


Commercial landscaping is about more than pretty flowers and perfectly manicured lawns; it’s about sales, customer retention, and other fancy-sounding business words!

Joking aside, the exterior appearance of your commercial building is an important piece of the professional puzzle and has the potential to be a powerful asset. It creates a first impression, which is very hard to change once established, sets a tone for visitors, and speaks to the level of care you put into and pride you have in your property.

In other words, crafting the landscaping around your building entrances can completely shift the way a potential customer views your business, attract even more visitors, and contribute to the overall performance of your property. So, without farther adieu, here are our favorite commercial landscape enhancements for building entrances!

A Welcoming Area

Who doesn’t love a good outdoor seating area? Creating a welcoming area and integrating it into your building’s entrance is a fantastic way to make people feel comfortable. Consider including benches or comfortable chairs in an open, clean “front porch” type of area where people can relax and enjoy the weather and your spectacular landscaping.

You can also feel free to get creative with the design of this welcoming area. Play to the strengths of your property. If you have a water view, try to accentuate it. If you are close to a street, consider creating a more secluded environment that acts as both entrance and haven. The important thing is that visitors feel at ease!

Add Some Color

Remember those pretty flowers we mentioned earlier? Well, Florida has a lot of them! In fact, Florida features a beautifully diverse selection of vibrant plant life, giving you seemingly endless options when it comes to spicing up your building entrance.

Giving visitors a bit of visual excitement as they approach your building is never a bad thing. Not only will it lift their moods, but it will also set a positive tone for their visit. Whether you go with a tropical Florida vibe or more of a “walk through a garden” entrance, bright pops of color are bound to enhance your entrance.

A large swatch of ornamental grass is shown in this Tampa Bay landscape.

Define the Path

Don’t make people guess how to get from the parking lot or street to your business’ entrance! Instead, lay out a clear path that leads them to exactly where they need to go!

Choose a material for the pathway that matches the overall aesthetic of your business and its landscaping. Bricks, stones, and paving blocks are all great options. To further define the path, consider lining it with plants of your liking. This will give your entry a unique feeling while also serving a purpose!

Get Creative

You’re in Florida, a state that has no limits, so why put limits on your landscaping? Allowing yourself to get creative can go a long way toward enhancing your entrance and making it memorable in a good way!

Water features, trellising vines, and palms trees can all add a unique twist to your landscaping, and they’re only the beginning! Talk to a commercial landscape management company about your wildest ideas, and they’ll be sure to work with you to make those dreams a reality. Within reason, of course!

While these entrance enhancement tips are pretty incredible (if we do say so ourselves), talking to a commercial landscape professional is the best way to develop a comprehensive plan to make your business truly stand out.

Landcrafters has been doing just that for over twenty years. If you’re interested in improving your entrance or just have some landscape related questions, feel free to reach out via our contact page or by phone at (727)-201-3947. We’d love to hear from you!