Tips for Creating a Commercial Landscaping Budget in Florida

Tips for Creating a Commercial Landscaping Budget in Florida

Landscape envy is a serious condition, especially in a diverse, luscious environment like that of Florida. If you suffer from landscape envy, it’s nothing to be ashamed of—it’s a totally natural reaction to seeing a stunning and well-kempt appointment of flora and impressive exterior features.

We’re happy to inform you that there is a cure for this widespread phenomenon—creating a comprehensive commercial landscaping budget to elevate your own property to or above those that you look at longingly. Even better, you don’t have to go at this task alone—we’re here to help, and we’ve brought our handy tips for creating a commercial landscaping budget in Florida with us!

So, sit back, visualize your dream property, and read on to help make that dream a reality without breaking the bank!

Consider the Use

Everyone wants their property to stand out for being beautiful and flawlessly manicured—so much so that the area’s intended use can sometimes be overlooked. So, before you become absorbed in the aesthetics of your landscaping and budget only for routine upkeep, consider the actual use. In other words, will there be significant foot travel, or not?

If, for example, you are budgeting for a shopping center, school, or hotel, your landscaping is likely to see a lot of foot traffic and will, therefore, require more frequent maintenance. If the property is just for looks and will rarely see people or vehicles on the landscaping, you can rest easy knowing you do not have to allocate as much money for human-inflicted repairs. Budget according to use!

Remember Common Costs

No matter what route you go with your landscaping, there are a few costs on which you can count. All landscaping projects, new or old, will require things like fertilizer, irrigation, and, of course, plants. Sometimes, though, these expenses are so obvious that they get overlooked when creating a commercial landscaping budget.

Some plants need to be fertilized more frequently than others. Sprinkler systems require water, the amount of which can vary based on environmental factors, and sometimes need to be repaired. Plants die and must be replaced. Remembering to factor in these essentials—as well as some money for the inevitable enhancements you’ll want to make—can save you the trouble of burning through your budget only to realize you’ve forgotten an integral detail!

Learn from History

You know the rest of the saying—or be doomed to repeat it. While this may seem a little dire for an article about creating a commercial landscaping budget, we assure you, it isn’t! Your money and the appearance and well-being of your property are at stake, so it’s key that you evaluate past budgets—especially the most recent one—and adjust accordingly.

A few must-ask questions are whether you received the services you paid for or not and how well you allocated your budget. While trust is integral in any business relationship, accountability is important, too. If you’re concerned about the services you’re paying for not being performed—especially tasks such as fertilization—you can ask for receipts. This will help determine if you need to allocate more funds to those jobs or if you need to go another route with your business.

Examining past budgets also allows you to see where you allocated too much money and where you should have allocated more. Were you short on funds when an unexpected repair was needed? Did you place too much emphasis on enhancements? Asking your commercial landscape management company for updates multiple times a year can help you adjust as needed.

With the proper budget in place, you can reverse the roles and go from being green with envy to being the landscape model everyone else looks to for inspiration. All it takes is a little time, effort, and the guidance of us, your friendly landscaping experts.

For more quick tips and helpful information, feel free to check out our blog. It’s updated frequently with more insider knowledge on all things landscaping!

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